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Maintenance Tips To Make Your Golf Equipment Last Longer

People have varying purposes for playing golf. You might play it for relaxation. Or you might play it for competition. Whatever your purpose is, you still need your golf equipment well maintained to last longer. You wouldn’t want to be playing a game where your equipment are slowly falling apart. Instead, you would always want your equipment in top shape to have a smooth flowing game.

So the question is, are there maintenance tips to make your golf equipment last longer? Yes, there are! And you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand and follow these tips.


Just like any other sports, you need to have the equipment to play golf.Get the best in team golf products and equipment.


  • Golf Balls. Each kind of golf ball is designed for various performances when it comes to distance, velocity and symmetry limits. However, the standard measurement for golf balls should be 45.93g in mass and a diameter of 42.67mm. It has a solid rubber core with a thermoplastic cover. Likewise, dimples surround the ball.

Dirt that gets stuck on the ball can affect the aerodynamic movement of the ball. So to prevent this, here are the things you will be needing for your golf ball maintenance are the following:

  • A bottle of vinegar/ammonia/bleach
  • Water
  • Golf Clubs. All golf clubs are composed of shaft with a grip and a club head. But it can come in many shapes and sizes depending on your purpose and budget. Wood golf club can cost $1700 and are used to drive the ball into great distances. Iron golf clubs are at $2000 and are designed for various shots around the golf course. There are also putters for short distances and drivers for longer shots.


Golf clubs are the most expensive equipment for a golfer. Proper maintenance should be followed to ensure longer use of the clubs without sacrificing its efficiency. Prepare the following:

  • Bucket of lukewarm water
  • Brush (medium nylon bristle)


  • This equipment is a stand used to keep the ball in place so the player can hit it with the club. A standard tee is at the height of 5.4 cm but shorter or longer ones are also allowed.Teeing gives an advantage to the player especially if he is about to make a drive shot. So it’s important to always equip yourself with a tee that can cater to your needs at any moment.


  • Golf Bag. It is not a secret that the game of golf requires a lot of things. Carrying all these things individually will be such a hassle so a golf bag is needed. Golf bags can be carry bags if you want to carry the bag yourself. It can be a cart bag if you have a hand cart or power cart. Golf stand bags are those with built-in legs to sit at an angle. And staff bags are for those who have a caddy at their disposal. Since the golf bag carries a lot of things, it is mostly prone to wear and tear.
  • Golf Cart. The game of golf requires a wide ground. There was a time when golfers used to walk around to get to their next location. But with the advancement of technology, there are now golf carts. It lets you go around the golf course with your equipment beside you. If you buy golf cart, this equipment can cost $1000 to $20 000 per cart. You wouldn’t want to be always spending that amount of money so you better just give it all the maintenance it needs.
  • Golf Push Cart. Golf push carts keep you on your feet around the golf course and prevent you from succumbing to the charms of motorized golf carts. The added advantage is that it will carry the weight of all your irons and clubs, your water, umbrella, scorecard etc.. You only need to push it around. It’s almost like the golf push cart is a shopaholic’s husband. We are kidding! But seriously, here are a few golf push carts that should be on your Black Friday wishlist. You can check out Best Black Friday Golf Deals buying guide as well.


  • Golf Gloves. The main purpose of the golf gloves is to improve grip on the golf club. It is actually recommended to be worn by all golfers whatever the level. Golf gloves can be regular or cadet. Regular are for those with proportionate hands while cadet are for those with shorter fingers yet wider palms. Golf gloves are important for golfers hence proper care should be given. Here are the things to prepare:
    • Bucket with warm water
    • Mild detergent
    • Sponge or brush
    • Absorbent towel


  • Golf Shoes. You might be wondering why some people use golf shoes when regular shoes will do. However, golf shoes are designed to improve your game. Wearing golf shoes can maintain your balance because of its wide base. It increases your stability with its built-in stabilizers. It also gives you more flexibility and comfort. However, there are those who would still want their tennis shoes especially those suffering from joint problems. Golf shoes need as much care as the other equipment. Here’s what to prepare:
    • Brush
    • Cloth
    • Polish


  • Golf Balls. To clean the golf balls, simply but them in a container with either vinegar, ammonia, or bleach depending on which is available. This will remove the dirt stuck on the ball even on its dimples. After that, rinse the ball with water and allow to dry.
  • Golf Clubs. To prevent damages to your golf clubs, always remember to keep their covers on. To clean the clubs, soak the head in a bucket of warm water. The head should be brushed with a medium nylon brush. Using a brush will make it easier to clean the grooves.
    • Remember:If you a steel shaft, you can apply the same procedure of cleaning the head. However, if you have a wooden shaft, remember that it shouldn’t stay in the water. Just wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • When it comes to your tee, you should just take a close look at it after every hit. When you hit your ball, there’s always that possibility that your tee can get hit. You can’t hit the ball gently and hope your tee will be fine after. You just have to replace it to maintain the efficiency you want.
  • Golf Bag. Your golf bag can be exposed to various factors that can affect its quality. To keep your golf bag from having unpleasant odors, a regular wash helps. Likewise, keep the weight you put inside the bag within its capacity. This can help ensure that the bag will reach its life span or even surpass it. Be gentle with your bag as well. Golf bags have frames and if you keep on banging it on the ground, the frame can be damaged. And for storing the bag, keep the storage area dry and cool areas to protect the bag itself and its content.
  • Golf Cart. One of the most important thing to remember in golf cart maintenance is routing inspections. You should always check how your golf cart is performing so it’ll be easier for you point out the problem. Also keep this in mind, your cart will never be overcharged so keep it charged whenever it is parking. It is not good for the cart to be fully discharged as it can cause permanent damage. However, before connecting your cart to the charger, keep a close eye at the water levels of the battery. It should not be overflowing. Always remember to keep the cap on so dirt and debris can’t enter.
  • Golf Gloves. Remove any debris you can see on the gloves. Give it a cleaning with a brush or sponge and a mild liquid soap. Have a bucket with warm water and mild liquid detergent. Create some soap suds and swirl the gloves around. Rinse it with water and place on an absorbent towel.
    • Remember: Do not use harsh detergent to clean your gloves. Do not put the gloves near any source of heat as this will cause shrinkage.
  • Golf Shoes. If you play often then cleaning your shoes once a week is enough. Just like cleaning other shoes, you need to brush away the debris. Then use a cloth to apply the polish on the shoes. Make circular motions with the cloth and polisher. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes for the polish to dry. Then brush the shoes to remove excess polish. If you want more shine, then use a cloth to buff the shoes. However, there are now products on the market that can easily do the job for you with less effort.

I hope you find these tips useful. Now that these tips are out, maintaining your golf equipment will be easier. You won’t be spending more time contemplating on what to do with your equipment. Instead, you’ll be using your time to roam around and hit the ball on the course. And remember, it is a lot cheaper maintaining your golf equipment than to buy new ones every time you see some flaws on it.

 If you have any questions or you have other tips to share, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section. It would surely be nice to hear from you. Likewise, it doesn’t hurt to share. So if you find this article useful and you wish others to benefit from it, don’t forget to share.

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