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Mobile Apps For Being Tech-Savvy With Managing Finances


Management is a word which is quite important in today’s world. Every single person either he is independent or dependent is a manager in its own life as he have to manage its money, respect and everything which he have in life. Now if we come to money, it is one of the most important thing if you want to live a stable life. Money management is also very necessary, it includes the total expenditure, and the area were we could have saved more and several other factors. With growing days market is becoming paperless and is moving towards digitalization. Digitalization includes use of credit/debit card as a form of payment medium. This seems to be cool but the actual users of this form of medium know that they end up using more money and the end of the month. But it is also a fact that in upcoming future we will be having these medium of payment as one of the major form of payment so we cannot ignore these things, smart way is to find a way so that you can manage the things. First thing is to set a financial goal which you should achieve at the end of the month. Manage things accordingly so that you can achieve that financial goal.

Mobile Apps For Being Tech-Savvy With Managing Finances

Certain Apps have been designed which helps in achieving our financial goal. Here are list of certain app having their own specialty.


If you want to achieve your financial goal through investing and you are looking for an investor friendly app this will fulfill your desire. Having so much specialty inside an app makes it more special and no one can ignore it. It specialty starts from the fact that you can invest as low as Rs 10 in mutual funds as well as stocks and this too with the help of an online wealth manager who will guide you. No matters either you are a beginner or a specialized one it is designed for all. There are various parameters like risk ability, income level, investment preferences and many more and every investor is having their own level of preference, by using this app you can get all kind of preference. A group of active team continuously work and analyze the market, if we see the data provided they continuously analyze 10000+ stocks and 1000+ mutual funds and the motto of their dedication is that they can help their customer in all the possible way. It also helps in saving tax. If we come to the security they are having one of the best computing and they continuously work on different algorithms to make things better. By using this app you will realize your financial life more stable.


One of the top ranked app and this tag of Top Ranked app is not given by us but by many popular magazine and blogs. It is another app which will help in achieving the financial goal. All the things like your credit card detail, bank account detail, and your bills are arranged at a platform so that you can see yourself and can then analyses where you are spending much and where you can save. Coming up to the bills, this app will keep on memorizing you the due bill so that you can pay that on time. This app is a great savior of time and useless effort. The reason of being trusted by million is that it gives proper care to its users so that they can achieve their financial goal in efficient way.


Another app which will help you in achieving your financial goal. Specialty of this app is that once you will fill all your account related details it will automatically track all the details like total expenditure, due bills and several other things and all these things are performed in much secured manner. It also helps you in securing yourself from fraud as well as spam messages. Some of the key points related to this app are:-

  • It helps is saving your money as you can easily analyses where you are spending more.
  • Due to busy schedule we sometime forget to pay some of our important bills, this app will prevent you from due bills.
  • Money transfer from one bank to another bank can be easily done without paying extra charge for it, you are just a fingertip away from sending your money.
  • Sometimes we are in urgent need of cash but due to reasons can’t find any medium of cash, this app will help you in discovering real time cash medium and also Nearby ATMs.

As it keeps all the record of your expense you can easily analyze every aspects at the end of the month and can then easily save money.


As the name symbolize this app is something which splits, and what it splits is something which make it one of the interesting app. It splits money between a groups of people who were involve in some particular event which involved money. If you are in a hostel and you are having roommates you can fill all the detail of expense and the expense will be equally distributed among. You can also use this app while having a trip with your friend. Some of the other facilities provided by this app are you can view your money, can track spending trends and also set email reminders for your due bills. One of the best app in terms of its work.


Best thing about google is that it always invests in trending field so that it can facilitates its users. Having realized the fact that the digital mode of transaction is expanding its leg in the market, google came up with its TEZ app further the name was transformed to GOOGLE PAY. Some of the key specialties of this app is that you can directly transfer your money from one bank to another bank. Things are very simple in this app there is no complexity. You can also use this app to pay bills and book movie tickets, bus tickets, etc. There are no extra charges. Instead you get a chance to win reward. Due to some unique specialty it is one of the most used app.


Google sheets helps you to create sheets, edit sheets and also collaboration of different sheets using you android phone or tablets. Some of the key benefits of using this app are:-

  • Excel files can be easily operated than before.
  • Working here is independent of time and location.
  • You can easily reply any comment.
  • There is no risk of losing data as everything is automatically saved.


In this world everyone is running towards money but don’t know how to invest and where to invest money in the right way to earn money. Without the correct knowledge one can neither be financially stable in their student period nor in their in job period. All these apps provides the correct knowledge as well as the right way to invest the money and helps you to become stable easily without facing any difficulties or failure. You can choose the app according to your needs and requirements.

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