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iSkySoft to Repair the Corrupted Files in PC and Storage Devices

The corrupted files are problems often experienced when transferring those files from one disk to another. It means that the files are damaged, and they cannot be opened. Unfortunately, it is not easy to repair the corrupted files. They are basically cut off in which some pieces have been in one disk while the other pieces have been moved to the new disk.

Although the possibility is small enough, there is actually still a chance to repair the damaged files. It is by using the supporting software including iSkysoft data recovery software. What is it and how to use the data recovery software for the corrupted files? Here they are.

About iSkysoft Data Recovery

iSkysoft data recovery is a kind of software for Windows and Mac that is functioned to bring back the lost data. People may know it as a tool to recover data from computer and any storage device when they are lost or deleted. However, the software is actually more than that. Not only is it about the deleted files but also if you have the problems of the damaged data due to the transfer process or virus.

This software is also supported by various wizards that are easy to use. In fact, iSkysoft data recovery software is indeed designed and developed to fasten the recovery process without too many complicated processes. More than that, there are also options of the data types and locations to limit the criteria of searching. The preview feature is available to ensure you whether they are indeed the data that you need or not.

How to Use iSkysoft Data Recovery Software to Repair the Corrupted Files

There are some steps to pass through before finding the corrupted files are back to normal. First, of course, you must download the iSkysoft toolbox in the official website of iSkysoft. Then, you need to install it by opening the briefcase and double-click the application. Click the Next buttons continuously until the installation is finished. Finally, you can launch it to repair your data.

A window has simply appeared once you launch the software. There are some options in the beginning; Lost File Recovery, Partition Recovery, Raw File Recovery, and Resume Recovery. For repairing the corrupted files, choose the Partition Recovery Mode.

Next, the data recovery software is moved to the other window. In this second window, you are asked what kind of the files you want to repair are. Some options are available including Photo, Audio, Video, Document, Email, and All File Types. If the type of your files has been mentioned there, you can just click it as you wish. But if it is not, choose All File Types option and click the Next button. The last option is provided so that you can search for even any unpopular types of file.

The next window is regarding the location. Automatically, The recovery software detects the disks available in your PC. Besides, if you plug-in the external memory, it is simply detected also. The software then scans the computer to find out the files that you are looking for. The results of the scanning process are those files that have been corrupted based on the files types. Sure, there must be some files found in which the titles are the same or similar to each other.

Use the Preview feature to see whether a file is one that you intend or not. It is so easy to do in which you only click the file and the bigger version of it has simply appeared. Make sure to provide an empty folder as the place of the repaired data. If it is possible, you can also provide some folders as the backups. Sure, if it is a very important data, you need to be really careful so that it will not be damaged again later.

The similar steps of recovery are also for the lost data due to the virus or deletion. More importantly, it is better to provide the backups to avoid being puzzled when the data are damaged or deleted.

Summary: iSKysoft is one of the PC software that is functioned for any kind of data recovery. You can recover data from a computer and any storage device for sure. Furthermore, repairing the corrupted files is also possible here through some easy steps.

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