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Managing Your Connection From Google Wifi Using Your Computer

Google wifi

With the emergence of smartphones, Wifi is the best way to connect your device on the internet. Using an app will also make it easier to manage it.

If you have a Google Wifi device such as OnHub, it can be controlled on your phone or tablet. Using this software will allow you to view the connected devices on the network.

You can change the priority and set a specific device to get more or less bandwidth, depending on your preference.

This also has a controller for kids so that you can control and limit their activity. You can also view the current usage of bandwidth from the network.

The Google Wifi app also lets you make a guest network account so that you can give it to your visitor and limit its connection. Due to its wonderful features, there are people who would love using the Google Wifi app for Mac. Some were also looking for the Windows version.

However, due to this software being made only for the smartphones, you cannot find any version of it. The only way to install and use this software on a computer is to use an emulator program.

Before installing an emulator, you need to have the following requirements:

  1. First, a good computer or laptop that has a processor with 1GHz speed.
  2. DDR3 or better RAM that can store up to 4 GB and above of memory.
  3. Ensure that you have a hard drive that can store 25 GB of bytes.

When you ensure that the following requirements are already on your computer, check if you have the software needed below.

  1. DirectX and OpenGL must be installed by updating or installing the graphics driver.
  2. Getting the latest version of Visual C++ in case your computer runs a Windows Operating System.

Now, you can start installing the emulator program and run this app into your computer.

How To Install Google Wifi From Emulator Program

When you search for the emulator software, you’ll see that there’s a lot of results. It can be confusing at first to find out which one is the best and working fine on Google Wifi app.

But don’t worry because we can help you to pick the best emulator. Based on our test, the Google Wifi software runs perfectly on the Bluestacks emulator.

Thus, this emulator is the one we are going to recommend to people. To get this emulator to your computer, type its name on google search and click the first link.

Download the installer of the BlueStacks, but make sure that you save the one compatible with your computer. After that, run the Bluestacks setup and read the instruction given to you.

Now, install this software and then wait for it to finished. Check your computer desktop to find out its shortcut and run it.

Upon running it for the first time, you will be prompt and ask if you would like to use your Gmail account to log in. If you don’t have an account for it, create one and use it here.

After that, open the Play Store, and you can look for the Google Wifi app. Install it and wait for the installation to complete.

The BlueStacks will create a shortcut for you on the desktop. You can open it here or inside the home of BlueStacks to run the Google Wifi.

In this way, you can start using this software from your machine even without using a smartphone or tablet to connect on it.

Installing Google Wifi APK

In case you want an alternative way to install it, you can then get the Google Wifi APK and then install it. This method is perfect for someone who cannot access the Play Store.

However, if you are able to connect on Play Store, you don’t have to download this file and install it. Just remember, if you install the Google Wifi app from APK, you cannot update it from the Play Store.

Last Words

Google Wifi was developed only for mobile devices and tablets. However, you can still enjoy using it if you have an emulator installed on your computer. The Google Wifi is also not the only app you can use from the emulator but almost all other Android apps on PC.

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