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A Single Good Cook Masters The Broth

Cooking Games has become quite a trend throughout this time and we have seen a rise in home cooking. However, restaurant culture has also been on the rise. We can safely say that everyone unanimously loves food – whether made at home or in a restaurant.

There is comfort at home but restaurants are trying to make their ambiance better to replicate said comfort. The result is a cozy restaurant filled with bustle and cheer. What most people do not know is that it requires quite a lot of effort.

Introducing A New Kitchen Simulation

Even though we are out of touch with that level of hard work, we can certainly appreciate it. Flowmotion Entertainment has released a brand new kitchen game in this year 2020 that lets us experience a virtual kitchen simulation.

With advanced technology and amazing graphics, get yourself ready to run a restaurant! Cooking Crush is a free cooking game that will keep you on your toes and you will find yourself hanging on to your pans! You can thank Flowmotion Entertainment Inc. – especially the co-founders of this company, Ryan Yada, and Dario Pavan. They have been continuously making efforts since 2014 to bring their loyal players the best gaming experience!

Hang On To Your Pans!

Kitchens are full of dangerous knives and the fire on the stove can burn you if you are careless. Moreover, if you are pressed for time then the chances of an injury are heightened. This is why it is important to be prepared. With Cooking Crush you can train yourself to act cautiously, all the while doing optimum work, so you can excel in real-life situations.

In case of an emergency, you will act quickly as a result of rigorous yet fun training in cooking game for free.

What Is My Restaurant?

Okay, so you will be thrilled to know that this game lets you play in not one, not two, not even three, but 10 different restaurants! That’s right, this is a pretty sweet deal. Restaurants that you will be playing in are:
• Crème Cafe
• Dream Deli
• Salty Taverna
• Party Parlor
• Rockin’ Diner
• Crazy Cantina
• Donut Den
• Tandoori Treasure
• Perfect Pie
• Cake Corner
• Canadian Treats

Well, What About the Internet… That Costs Money!

• Hmm…you is absolutely right. The Internet costs money and it is not cheap. Wi-Fi is more economical than data plans but public Wi-Fi can expose your phone to hackers. We suggest you refrain from using public Wi-Fi. You know why? Because you don’t have to!
• Cooking Crush is an offline game. You only need the internet once when you are downloading it and for minor updates (Flowmotion believes in improving its game from time to time for consumers). You can play Cooking Crush without worrying about spending money or losing data.

What Can I Achieve with Cooking Crush?

• For your services, you will be paid in gold coins which can be used to purchase new items like decorations, ingredients, kitchenware, et cetera, in-game.
• The game is useful to get familiarized with the concept of cooking and you can learn various recipes along the way. Cooking is a useful skill in real life so there are no downsides to this kitchen game.
• In addition to bringing positivity in a virtual world, let me enlighten you with the fact that your efforts are fruitful in the real world By playing this game, you are indirectly supporting a children’s charity, Backpack Buddies. Every download means that you contribute towards providing a fresh healthy meal to an underprivileged child! So far, about 45,000 meals have been served with the support of all the players playing games by Flowmotion Entertainment Inc. – the company that has published Cooking Crush.

Would I Play This Game?

This is a trick question. I am already playing this game – gotcha! It has been over a month and I still get excited about the sizzling sounds and delicious food options. I would recommend that you enjoy yourselves as well with this wonderful game.

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