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Education in the Midst of COVID: Will Home-Schooling Become the New Norm?

Education in the Midst of COVID

In the midst of these unprecedented times, we have had to drastically change our day to day lives as we live through the containment of this pandemic. One of the main priorities for all parents is to ensure that their children still get quality education, even though they are unable to leave their homes. Luckily, we live in the age of the internet where proper education is just a click away. We are all longing for the day our world can return to normal, but what would this mean for education after Covid-19 passes?

 And with all the access to information that we now have, could homeschooling become the new norm?

Education in The Midst of COVID-19

Parents all over the world are having to adapt to this new norm. Whether this solution is temporary or not, they are having to learn how to educate their children in an efficient and effective way. This creates different outcomes in different homes, depending on the diverse approaches of parents and whether or not they embody a lot of patience. However, many parents are struggling to tutor their children and handle the workload themselves. Luckily, there are many online tutors and institutions that provide English, history, science, biology, and math classes for kids, among other subjects if the parents are feeling overwhelmed. While the lenient schedules have helped children study, there are still some subjects that require a teacher’s knowledge and expertise.

The Effects of Homeschooling

While many parents are, understandably, struggling to help their children maintain their academic levels without their teachers present, there have been many positive outcomes to homeschooling. With teachers being available through online services to provide instructions and set up the class structure, it has helped many students remain motivated to learn. This is also in part because they get to enjoy a nurturing home environment while studying. However, current data has signaled that a large number of children, who aren’t surrounded by the healthiest home environments, are finding it hard to focus and feel stimulated through homeschooling.

The Benefits of Homeschooling

In the midst of the pandemic, students of all ages have been restricted to the confines of their homes. The benefits of learning in these conditions vary for each child, depending on their individual circumstances. While there is no clear indicator of whether homeschooling could be the new norm for education everywhere, there definitely have been some indications that prove that homeschooling has positive impacts on learners’ drive and overall mood. Moreover, a slightly more flexible schedule has helped learners produce better work as a result of being able to focus on subjects better when they are not forced to complete tasks at a given time. By taking a closer look at the elements that homeschooling provides, we can examine what elements can be incorporated into future educational systems to establish the same nurturing and flexible environment in schools.

The Benefits of Homeschooling

Education in the midst of COVID-19 has both positive and negative aspects; however, the positive impact it has had on learners of all ages cannot be dismissed. Whatever our new norm may be, it should adapt to certain measures in the future. While we do not know for sure what will come out of the pandemic, one thing is for certain: we are all willing to enhance students’ experiences and nurture their future success.

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