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MacBook Pro has been Named Best Windows Laptop

MacBook Pro

Is the Apple 13 “MacBook Pro the best laptop to run on Windows? Yes! At least, a computer company that has conducted several tests with the best-selling computers.

According Soluto was the MacBook Pro better than the systems include Dell, Acer and Lenovo.

“One of the main reasons is that every Windows installation on a MacBook Pro is clean,” says Soluto. “Other manufacturers install many unnecessary bells and whistles on their new laptops so it might be a bit of an unfair comparison. But, on the other hand, manufacturers would better look at this data and strive for systems pokies online that run just as well as MacBook Pros. “

According to the report would have been fairer to a MacBook compared to an Acer or Dell system with the same clean install Pro. “We have still chosen to be compared as they are available on the market, the computers. That seemed to give “us more representative results thus Soluto.

The results are based on the number of weekly crashes, stalled programs and Blue Screens of Death (BSoD). Also, the average start-up time was an important factor in the tests.

Soluto has also listed the disadvantages of Windows on a Mac. Example, it is more work to install Windows on a Mac and you may experience problems with drivers.

The Acer Aspire E1-571 finished second and third position was reserved for the Dell XPS 13 .

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