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List of the 27 Useful Resources to Help with Typing 2018/2019

Typing is an essential skill everyone needs to have in order to just make it at work, school or life. It is always going to come up in most careers, as an effective way to communicate. Not everyone wants to be a speed typing machine, but the basic skills are necessary.

Useful Resources to Help with Typing

When you look at typing services rates, you need to determine what you are willing to invest in this process. It does not have to cost an arm and a leg either. This is usually a once off cost you would spend. You can also find some great typing services to help you while you are learning. Here are some of the most useful resources you can find online to help with typing.


Sometimes, you need to bring in the experts to help with important documents. This is worth the investment. Anything from transcription to retyping an important essay, are just some of their services.


A great way to learn how to touch type without paying. It is one of the best free services out there.


This is one of those informative resources and it is quite helpful. You can learn the basic skills of hand positioning and general rules of typing.


Learn to type with this website. It delivers on what is promised and with constant practice, you can perfect your typing skills.


This website makes it easy for anyone to learn how to type. It is completely free of charge, but works well for someone who is just starting out.


If you are looking into hiring a typing assistant, you want to get the best rates. This website breaks down what the average rates are and will help you get a good deal.


Take an online course to improve your typing skills. There are some great typing courses on this website.


Another great website to learn how to type. It is straightforward without all of the distractions.


This website incorporates learning and playing in an effective way. You can learn how to type and have fun at the same time.


Sometimes you just need a straightforward typing lesson without all the fuss. This is a great place to start, if that is what you are trying to achieve.


Even though this game was developed for kids, you can still play it as an adult. It is fun and interactive. You won’t even know that you are learning something new.


Test your typing speed and improve it with practice. That is the goal with any beginner. You can test your speed on here and then keep coming back as you practice.


This game involves you and a few other people. You basically have to race others while you are typing. This can be a quote from a book or something similar.


Learn to type faster without feeling like you are sitting in a classroom.


Having a strong vocabulary will take you far in life and this is a great place to start. You learn how to type faster and test your own vocabulary.


When you are offering more than one language on your typing lessons, it is impressive. Most languages around the world has been listed on this resource.


This is more than just your average typing lesson. It has around 27 of these and it is guided. Anyone from beginner to advanced stages can learn something from here.


When you just need to test your typing speed and accuracy, try this website. It is uncomplicated and you can get started immediately.


As students, you are required to at time convert handwritten notes to text  and it can be exhausting. Improve your typing speed and it seems less daunting.


A great website to test your accuracy while typing. This website offers a lot of games, but you should try the alphattack game for your typing skills.


From beginners to more advanced typists can learn from this website. There are so many lessons you can learn free of charge.


This is more than a practical typing test. There are lots of videos on the subject, lessons and much more.


You can improve your essay and typing skills in one. A great resource for beginners.


Improve your typing skills with this free service. They also offer the service in multiple languages, which helps everyone around the globe.


Another great website that allows you to download a typing tutor on your computer.


You can find anything from typing statistics, tests and practice on this website. It is an all-inclusive lesson on becoming a better typist.


This website makes learning fun without really offering any games. It is interactive and makes you feel like you are being taught by a tutor.


Typing seems easy once you get to master it, but it can be a complicating skill to master. Find a good typist to help you while you are learning. These resources include all stages of learning how to type. You can master the skill with constant practice.

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