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5 Smart Web Design Tips for Software Companies

A well-designed website can improve the performance of both small and big businesses. As the businesses grow and make more money, other businesses will certainly aim to seek the help of web design expertise to design sites for them. Therefore, there is the need to understand the things that you should consider while designing websites for them.

Below are some design tips that will help all web design companies to design excellent websites for small and big businesses.

Web Design Tips


The programming of a website that belongs to a small firm should employ simple programming language and tools. The reason for this is that as the business expands, there will the necessity to add extra information or in some cases a necessity to branch the information.

Adopting a simple programming language or programming tool and a simplistic layout will allow for the addition of other features without disrupting the existing structure.

Simple Design

A website should be designed in a simplistic manner. Too much information, too many images and stuff popping out of every part of the website will probably complicate the web browser or even the reader. A simplistic design is both simple in its appeal and in terms of ease of uploading and downloading of information, ease of navigation, search ability, and most significantly the readily accessible business contact information.

Thus, hiring web designers can be of great help. There are several companies offering web designing services, like web designers Melbourne. They will assist you in making a user-friendly interface and design for your website. However, one should do a background check before doling out the job to them.


One of the most important parts of any web design is the navigation features. A well-organized website provides an initial presentation right on the landing section and gives information regarding products and services on the tabs that can be to obtain extra information.

Again, there is the customer contact, help, and online procurement feature to the site, which requires to be simply accessible and traversable. Extremely branched panels and unnecessarily clicking ought to be avoided. A client should obtain the information in utmost three clicks.

Videos, Images,Uploading and Downloading

A picture is one of the best features that can quickly pass some information. It is normally recommended that you make use of pictures efficiently since pictures remain in mind compared to words. Nevertheless, using complex types of large-sized pictures or videos should not be avoided as much as possible.

In case the size of a particular picture is relatively big, it will have some effect on the bandwidth and takes a considerably longer time to display. Furthermore, flash videos need particular software and require a longer time to display as well. This will have an impact on the client’s patience and in many instances; most of them will simply exit the website.


The technology is progressing at a very fast rate. In fact, the internet is now available not just on computers but also on various handheld devices such as iPods, mobile phones and iPads. Some of these devices’ internet bandwidth is below that of laptops and PCs.

In order to make a website accessible on a handheld device like a mobile phone, the design must be agreeable with the software of these machines, and the design of the website ought to be agreeable with the resolution of the mobile screen. This enables more people to find the website, increasing the chances of the website becoming well-known.

Safety and Security

A website that belongs to a small firm that allows products sales or gives clients and opportunity to create a login account or give private information must be secure. The payment interface, the web design and the security interface should all be synchronized in order to offer safe and smooth transactions.

Additionally, by allowing the existing e-mail addresses to be employed as login IDs, your web design can manage a lot of database storage and ensure the design remains manageable, easily traversable, and elegant all at the same time.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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