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7 Tips To Reduce Bounce Rates For Your Website

Let us first understand what is bounce rate?

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of the online visitors who visit your website and then leave your website without moving on to the next web pages. The greater is the bounce rate of your website, the more is the indication that you are unable to convince the users of your website to stay on that particular page and buy your goods and services.

7 Tips To Reduce Bounce Rates For Your Website

There can be various ways in which the online users can bounce from your website, such as clicking on a link provided that take them to another website, closing the tabs, checking a new website by typing a different URL Address, or may be due to any errors in web hosting such as time out. 30-50% Bounce rate is considered to be an excellent rate for the website.

So, Let us look at some of the very effective tips to reduce the bounce rate for your website which is mentioned below:

  1. Offer an amazing overall user experience

Overall users’ experience comprises of all the features of the interaction of users with the organization, its facilities, and the goods and services. User’s experience refers to the comprehensive feeling they get while operating with your website. It is considered to be good when the user enjoys interacting with your website. According to best SEO Agency in Toronto, a website that has a good web design and services so as to influence the users to buy the products available on your website is considered to offer a good user experience.

  1. Are you managing the pop-ups on your website?

More than 50% of users feel very annoyed when they face pop-ups arising while using the website. More pop-ups lead to increased bounce rates. There are various marketers who make use of abusive and offensive languages in their pop-ups. Hence, it creates a negative image of your website in the eyes of the user and elevates the bounce rates. So, if you want to build a website that has a long-term association with its online users then, surely you have to manage the pop-ups on your screen.

  1. Update your website with quality content

It is always recommended to provide the right content to your online users but there is a difference between powerful content and right content. Those who generate fresh and updated content on their website are observed to engage a large number of visitors on their website. The powerful content always fascinates the users to read more but the right and updated content provide them with relevant information so that they can use and implement the content so as to give desirable results.

  1. Make a considerable amount of keyword research

One should always make use of those keywords in their articles that generate a huge traffic on your website. So, if you want to reduce the bounce rate on your website, then you have to search for high-value keywords and target them. There are majorly four important metrics that must be considered in order to define keyword as of high value and these are listed below:

  • How much traffic value it generates?
  • What is the conversion value of the keywords?
  • The personal value of the keyword
  • Evaluate the brand value of the keyword
  1. Target the right visitors on your website

One must have experienced a higher bounce rate due to the targeting of wrong visitors for their website. After all, how could you gain traffic if you are targeting the wrong users from the very beginning? Hence, you should make use of the right channel while reaching to your right audience.

  1. Is your webpage taking a lot of time to get loaded?

Undoubtedly, greater the time it takes for your website to get loaded, more will be the bounce rate for your website. The page loading time for your webpage should be less than or equal to 2 seconds. If the page loading time increases more than 3 seconds, then it will be a negative reinforcement for the users and they won’t wait for such a long period of time. Therefore, the slow website can deplete your business.

Therefore, you can check out these 6 tips so as to reduce the bounce rate for your website.


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