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Key Features Of Drm M4v Converter For Windows

iTunes is a fun place to wander in search of online digital media materials. Even as of now, iTunes is the sole amusement park where you can find a fine dose of leisure you are hunting for. But the issue of Digital Rights Management (DRM) on iTunes TV shows and movies stops consumers from taking pleasure of the digital media on some other gadgets of their preference. As DRM does not permit consumers to play videos of iTunes on non-iTunes-companionable gadgets, it is gravely hindering the in general consumer experience. So as to set consumers free from this trap of DRM, DRM M4V Converter comes in the picture. DRM M4V Converter is a DRM removal tool for iTunes videos and is the fastest and best DRM M4V to MP4 converter.

Key Features Of Drm M4v Converter For Windows

This is the most easiest and authentic way to crack DRM limitations from iTunes clips with regard to music videos, TV shows, purchases, rentals, and iTunes Extras. DRM M4V Converter converts contents of iTunes into an MP4 file or some other type of file that is backed by most of the gadgets. This DRM removal program is the best recommended option for users to buy to get rid of the DRM issues.

If we speak of the main functions of this iTunes DRM Removal for Windows software, there are small basic dissimilarities between the Windows and Mac editions. The DRM M4V Converter for Windows is a dedicated tool to convert M4V videos on iTunes into lossless files. This means, this software losslessly eliminates DRM issues from TV shows and movies on iTunes to various non-Apple devices. This is because the software supports only lossless M4V and MP4 output files.

On the other hand, the Mac edition takes an additional leap as it transforms the contents on iTunes into various output types comprising lossless M4V, MP4, M4V, HD MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, MPG, MP3, TS, and TRP, and also backs many gadgets such as iPhone, Apple TV, Galaxy, iPad, Motorola Droid, Xbox, Smart TVs as well as PlayStation. Apart from for the dissimilarity in format, other features are almost similar for both the Windows and Mac editions. With the assistance of this software, you can modify the subtitles, audio tracks, and many other stuff including output folders. This property of DRM makes your videos seem closer to your heart and more custom-made.

Being the most efficient and sophisticated video converter for iTunes, DRM M4V Converter for Windows is supported by the newest decryption algorithm for video that promises high performance constantly. When you evaluate its speed to some other accessible video converter in the market, certainly it removes DRM from iTunes at 30x faster pace. Also remember that speed of converting also gets impacted by other factors such as GPU, operating system, Memory, CPU, and programs running in the background of any machine.

For instance, Windows edition of DRM M4V Converter is quicker than the Mac edition as Windows OS does not have complicated encryption of FairPlay. Besides this, DRM M4V Converter is well-organized in keeping the lossless quality if you select the output format such as M4V (lossless) and MP4 (lossless). This implies that the software keeps AAC stereo tracks, AC3 5.1 Dolby surround sound, CC, AD, subtitles, and other stuffs, which makes this software the best to purchase when dealing with DRM issues.

Here are steps if you are not aware how to use this software:

Step 1: Import iTunes M4V Videos to DRmare

You can either drag the downloaded movie purchases or rentals of iTunes to the main screen of software. OR you can just click the “Add” button present at the bottom left of the window to browse and select the files you wish to convert.

Step 2: Customize the Output Video Settings

Change the settings of the final videos, comprising the final format, folder, subtitles, and the audio tracks

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