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IT Support Career Prospects For 2023

IT support plays a vital role in any organization. They help keep computers and other technology running smoothly, which is essential for businesses to operate efficiently.

While some view IT support as a dead-end job, it isn’t. The demand for IT support professionals is above average and growing at a steady pace, but there are many opportunities for advancement in this field. And even though it’s not a ‘career’ in the traditional sense, it’s a steppingstone to other IT careers.

If you’re interested in having a job in the IT support field, you should continue reading, as this article will discuss some career prospects for people like you in 2023.

IT Support

Computer And Tech Support

If you want to be in IT support, you’ll likely start as a computer support specialist. Mind you, it’s not a deadbeat job. After all, you can move up once you have the skills and experience.

As a computer support specialist, your primary job is to help people with their computer hardware and software. You’ll troubleshoot problems, install and configure software, and train users on how to use computer systems.

And fortunately for you, there’s a lot of demand for computer support specialists, especially if you get hired by reputable companies like BoomTechIT and other respectable firms. They’re needed in businesses, schools, and government agencies.

AI Specialist

Currently, being an AI specialist is one of the most promising career choices for IT support professionals. This job often entails using AI tech to create solutions to most business and scientific problems.

To become one, you need to be familiar with the fundamentals regarding AI algorithms, machine learning, or natural language processing at the very least. Remember that knowing these areas is necessary to keep up with the rapid advancement of AI solutions.

AI specialists are currently sought in various industries like healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and tech. And it’s expected that other industries will follow suit in the coming years.

Data Scientist

Data scientists use their knowledge of machine learning, programming, and statistics to collect, analyze, and interpret data to solve business and scientific problems. They can also play a huge role in developing and implementing AI solutions.

As the field of AI has grown in popularity, the demand for data scientists has also increased. This is because AI solutions can be used to solve various problems, from customer service to fraud detection.

Data scientists—together with other IT professionals—are essential to the development and implementation of those solutions. If you’re still in college, you may want to consider taking data science in your course or enrolling in a dedicated program. Of course, you also have the option to self-study and learn from online classes and boot camps as well.

Software Developer

Software development is a well-established career path in the IT industry. As you probably know, software developers are responsible for creating the apps and digital services that people and businesses use every day.

Under software development, you can have various career options. For instance, you can specialize as a game developer, security developer, or mobile developer, among others. These are just a few examples of the many paths you can take.

However, it’s worth noting that there’s also the option to pursue a more generalist approach. Generalists can do different jobs on an IT or software development team, like quality assurance, testing, and debugging. Specialists are often preferred, but generalists can step in if there are no specialists available.

Cybersecurity And Information Security Engineer

Without a doubt, cybersecurity is one of the top trending jobs for IT support people. Information security and cybersecurity engineers mainly handle info security and safeguard computer systems and networks against unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction.

Usually, info security experts create and put into action security rules and steps, do security assessments, and respond to security issues.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers are responsible for automating and streamlining the software development and deployment process. They work with software developers, system administrators, and other IT professionals to ensure that applications are developed, tested, and deployed quickly and reliably.

Site Reliability Engineer

Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) work on software systems’ reliability, performance, and scalability. They often focus on automating tasks, building monitoring systems, and developing tools to improve reliability. They also work closely with developers to ensure that software is designed and built with reliability in mind.

Networks And Systems Architect

Networks and systems architects design, develop, and maintain computer networks and systems. They work with software, hardware, and networking components to create a system that is secure, reliable, and scalable. They also research new technologies to keep their organization’s networks and systems up-to-date.

This line of work is in high demand, as businesses of all sizes rely on complex networks and systems to operate. If you’re interested in a career in this field, you should have a h2 understanding of computer science, networking, and security. You should also be able to think strategically and solve complex problems.

IT Manager

IT managers need to have a combination of leadership, technical, and communication skills. These skills can be learned through education, experience, and development programs. While it’s common for IT managers to be promoted from within an organization, it’s also possible to be hired externally.

If you want to become an IT manager, keep in mind that you’ll be responsible for the IT department. You’ll make sure that the IT systems work well and meet the needs of the organization.

You’ll also be responsible for implementing IT strategies, managing the IT department, budgeting and allocating resources for the team, and ensuring the security and integrity of digital assets.

Web Developer

Web development is an excellent career in IT. You can create and maintain websites using different technologies and programming languages to build functional and visually appealing web applications.

Web development has many career options, such as front-end, back-end, full-stack, and UX/UI development. These roles let you specialize in different areas based on your interests and skill set.

Web development is a dynamic and rewarding career path in the IT industry. There are plenty of opportunities for you to pursue your passions and carve out a niche in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


IT support professionals are essential for keeping organizations running smoothly. The demand for them is steadily growing, and there are many opportunities for advancement. Starting as an IT support professional is a great way to start a career in IT. With time, training, effort, and dedication, you can achieve significant career growth.


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