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Is Unlocking Your Apple iPhone 7 Safe?

Many people wonder what happens when they unlock iPhone 7. They are curious about the process. However, they wonder if it’s safe or not.

The cool thing about unlocking a phone is that it will not void the warranty. That is why people unlock their phones all the time. It is because it is so safe! It’s important to realize that unlocking a phone will do nothing to the phone’s appearance. You will find that it looks just like the locked version of the phone. Furthermore, you will see that nothing in the phone’s settings or anywhere else will let you know if there is a SIM lock on your phone or not.

Unlocking Your Apple iPhone 7 Safe

So, when you unlock the phone, you are actually removing the lock software from it. You do this by getting a code that will open the software. After the unlocking process is over, you can pop out the SIM card and put in a different SIM from another GSM/CDMA operator, and you will have service.

It’s important to realize that not only is it safe to unlock your phone, but there are a few benefits that you receive when you unlock your phone. In this post, I want to go over what it means to unlock your device. I will also fill you in on what it will take from you to get the process going. By the end of this, you will even know the right place to go to unlock iPhone 7.

What Happens When You Unlock iPhone 7?

I want you to understand that when we talk about unlocking your phone, we are referring to SIM unlock. This process will allow you to remove the network restrictions that any carrier places on your iPhone 7.

So, many people don’t realize that there is only one reason a carrier will place this lock on your device to recover from any device discounts that they offer you at the time of purchase.

And because you are making the decision to unlock the SIM for your phone, you will actually be able to place any SIM from any carrier inside the phone. This is true as long as they use the same network bands. The reason that this works is that your phone’s hardware will actually support it. It’s a simple switch!

The Only Thing You Will Need to Unlock iPhone 7

So, it’s important to realize that there is one thing you will need to get this process moving. And that piece of the puzzle is the IMEI/MEID number. It is a unique identification number. It is specific to your phone. You will need this in order to unlock iPhone 7.

So, basically, if you own a GSM phone, then the number is the IMEI. However, if you own a CDMA phone, then the unique identifier is the MEID. Both of these numbers serve the same exact purpose. What’s more, you can locate these numbers in a variety of ways.

How to Locate Your IMEI/MEID Number

It’s actually pretty neat that you can find this unique identifier in so many places. Below, I am listing just a few of them.

  1. You can actually dial *#06# from your dial pad, and it will display the IMEI/MEID.
  2. Check your device settings: Tap Settings – > General – > About – > IMEI/MEID.
  3. On some iPhone models, including this one, you will find the IMEI/MEID in small print on the back of your phone.
  4. Another way you can locate this number is by checking your SIM tray. The IMEI/MEID will be on the tray that you insert into your phone’s SIM slot.
  5. Finally, if you still possess the original packaging, you will find it there. There will be a label on the outside of the box that will show your IMEI/MEID.

Reasons to Unlock iPhone 7

So, there are definitely a few reasons that you might want to unlock the iPhone 7. Here are just a few:

  • If you purchase a phone second-hand, and it is locked to a certain carrier.
  • The phone you use is currently on lock with a particular carrier, and you wish to switch carriers.
  • You travel abroad quite frequently. And because of this, you are looking to save money while you travel internationally.
  • You deserve to have full access to the device that you pay for.
  • Let’s say you are ready to sell your phone, but you want to increase the resale value. Unlocking your device is the easiest way to improve the asking price for your phone.

How to Safely Unlock iPhone 7

So, I’m genuinely hoping you are ready to unlock iPhone 7 safely. This process will not make your life any harder. That’s because it is so simple. You can literally do it from the comfort of your own home.

That is why I recommend that you use a paid unlocking service. And, of course, I want you to do this safely. And the way to do this properly is to find a reputable unlocking service. When you make the right choice, you will be a few steps away from unlocking your iPhone 7. What’s more, it will not matter what your carrier has to say about it.

So I recommend that you get your Apple iPhone 7 unlocked at I realize that you will see that even though you are paying to unlock your device, the cost isn’t so bad. You will find that the price to unlock your phone is so much lower than paying for just a few days of international calling at carrier rates. Furthermore, if you wish to sell your phone in the future, you will definitely make the money back by increasing the selling price of your iPhone.

It’s important to realize that because you are unlocking your iPhone 7, you will need to know the iCloud account password. That is absolutely vital. If you don’t know this info, you will lock yourself out of the phone forever.

So, my advice is to head on over to CellUnlocker. You will finally get the freedom you have been searching for when it comes to your own choice in service provider!

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