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Essential Office Supplies for a New Business

There’s no doubt that technology is significantly affecting how businesses run today. However, if you are planning to start a new business and open an office, some essentials have to be present for things to run smoothly. With the following office supplies, whether traditional or technical, you will find it easier to get things done daily.

Essential Office Supplies for a New Business

Pens, Pencils and Markers

You will need something to use when writing down ideas and signing documents. Some clients come for a meeting without necessary stationery, so having extra erasable pens available will allow you to make sure you’re prepared. Markers go hand in hand with whiteboards and any significant point writing especially during meetings.

Desk pad: A desk pad is essential for keeping your desk clean and organized. It will also help you stay focused while you’re working. Choose a desk pad from that is comfortable and fits your working style. You’ll be glad you invested in a good desk pad when you start your business and don’t have to worry about messy desks or lost time productivity.


Just as important as the pen is something to write down on. Papers may slowly begin to lose their place, but new businesses will need to work with them for a moment before they have the capital or resources to go paperless entirely. Graph paper, white paper and even sticky notes are some of the essential documents you will need around the office.


To keep your environment organized, you will need folders for filing different documents. They help you keep unneeded paper off the working area while still making it easy to find a copy when its need arises. No one wants to lose some vital client forms or legal information because they misplaced a document. Folders help out to keep all records secure.


Some papers will cause much harm to the company if they landed on the wrong hands or are not disposed of correctly. A shredder helps you get rid of such documents. If you want to be more careful, try a crosscut or micro-cut shredder.

Computers and Printers

In this era, no office can function effectively without at least one or two computers, even if it is a personal laptop. Printers too accompany computers with the same importance, to help transit papers from soft copy to hard copy. And it is also important to keep some extra printer cartridges handy in case of emergency.

Rubber Stamps

Some documents need official stamps before you can consider them as authorized. This is why a rubber stamp lie Address Stamps or signature stamps should be a must-have for any office. It also shows that you are professional in how you transact information.


Whether branded or not, you need office envelops to safely transport documents from one address or even room to another. A branded one helps to tell the finder where to return the package if it got lost in transition.

Hole Punch, Stapler and Paper Clips

Finally, to best handle your document, you need these three essentials. Paper clips come in handy when you do not want to bind your documents with staples. Nonetheless, they both work to serve the same purpose. A hole punch helps you file your documents neatly.


As time goes on, you will need office supplies such as notepads for note-taking and scheduling, graph paper for neater and more elaborative graphs and scanners. Do not sweat it. Always start with the most essential then you can build up from there as the need appears.

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