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Is Seeing a Dietitian Worth it? 7 Reasons to See a Registered Dietitian in Singapore

Do you ever wonder how diet could affect your quality of life? Well, according to science, if you’re prone to forgetting things or having constant mood swings, your diet could be the culprit.

What you put in your mouth today could make it an arduous task to live your life the way you want it. This is where a registered dietitian in Singapore also comes in.

What Does a Dietitian Do?

Dietitians are medical health professionals who specialize in providing food and nutrition guidance and support to improve the health of people. They advise people on nutrition matters and can direct that you ditch certain diets to avoid ill-health conditions like diabetes.

With that being said, seeing a dietitian is worth it. They will help you make well-founded diet decisions so you can live the perfect life you’ve always wished for. Here are seven more critical reasons to see a registered dietitian.

  • Digestive Complications

Digestive complications shouldn’t be overlooked since they could hint that you’re dealing with a very complicated ill-health condition. These complications run the gamut from stomachaches to bloating, constipation, and diarrhea, among others.

If you experience any of these complications and they don’t seem to go away any time soon, your best bet would be to see a registered dietitian. They will guide or advise you appropriately on some of the critical lifestyle practices you may need to adjust or change.

  • Managing Chronic Diseases Such as High Blood Pressure (BP) or Diabetes

Chronic diseases are hard to deal with, and a simple diet mistake could make your condition worse. You cannot afford to gamble with what to eat and what to avoid if you’re struggling with chronic diseases like high blood pressure or diabetes.

If you visit a good dietitian in Singapore, they will understand your condition and how your regular diet could affect it. To curb further progress of the condition, they will help you make a straightforward eating plan based on science and proven diet best practices.

  • Allergic Reactions

Food allergy occurs due to the body’s natural defenses’ overreaction to certain substances. If you suspect that you could be allergic to a particular food, your dietician will test your allergy sensitivity to determine the specific foods that trigger the allergic reactions. They would then guide you appropriately on an elimination diet, so you do the necessary dietary changes smoothly.

  • If you wish to Get Pregnant or You’re Already Pregnant

Avoiding complications during pregnancy is not all about continually taking prenatal vitamins. To ensure that you have a stress free pregnancy, you will need a well-founded meal plan that will help you avoid certain conditions that could harm your unborn baby by getting all the necessary nutrients to it.

A good meal plan will also go a long way in ensuring that you stay healthy throughout. Working with a registered dietitian in Singapore is the most straightforward way of achieving this.

It doesn’t end there, though. Your dietitian will also give you a diet plan that will help you with breastfeeding after giving birth.

  • If You Wish to either Lose or Gain Weight

Many myths have been coined about weight gain and weight loss diets such that knowing what to take or what to avoid can be so confusing. Besides, some diets may work for some people but fail to deliver the same results when tried by other people.

Your RGN will help you determine the right calorie sources if you wish to gain weight healthily. They will also help you create a personalized weight loss plan that takes care of the essential physical activities to engage in and the diet changes to follow to achieve your weight loss goals.

  • If you’re, you’re Taking Care of a Senior Loved One

Human beings’ taste buds change significantly as we age. Because of that, most seniors need continued help with food preparations and eating.

If you don’t have adequate knowledge of selecting the right diet for your senior loved one, you may make a few mistakes along the way that may be costly in the end. Working with an RGN will ensure that you find the right dietary plans suitable for persons who may need special diets or seniors struggling with dementia and other old age-related complications.

  • To Reduce Risks of Developing Cancer

There are several types of cancer, and a good number of them are food related. Working with a registered dietitian can significantly lower your risks of getting cancer by designing for you appropriate meal plans that will make the difference. Importantly, they will also help you break certain habits that could put you at risk of developing certain cancer forms.

Over to You

Usually, the onus is on you to stick to a healthy diet plan. However, designing the ideal diet for your situation will need an expert dietitian intervention. It doesn’t matter your reason for wanting to try or change a diet. Give us a call or email us anytime, and we will schedule a consultation to design your meal or diet plans.

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