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Is Filmyzilla The Best Movie Downloading Site?

Filmyzilla is a prominent movie downloading site for years now. It is the oldest movie streaming site that people use even today. Although it has been banned due to piracy and violation issues in recent times, the replacement site of Filmyzilla has also been garnering attention heavily. It has been the best site where streaming of Bollywood and regional movies is common. One of the highlights of this movie website is that it is free of cost.

What is Filmyzilla?

Filmyzilla is an old and best movie downloading website that serves as the best resource for watching new movies. It also has a simple interface design which makes users operate it easily without any complications. The site is not maintained or upgraded frequently, but definitely functions as the best platform for viewing the latest movies.

Downloading the movies is also the best option when it comes to Filmyzilla. All you need for the proper functioning of the site is able VPN connection or a fast internet connection.

What is Filmyzilla

Filmyzilla, a pirated and illegal site?

There are copyright authorities that are violated by the site as streaming of the latest movies is considered piracy. So many countries have taken an effort to ban this website as opposed to the demand of the users. In order to gain access in those countries where it has been banned, using a pure VPN connection is necessary. The routing across the pure VPN happens through different web servers which bypasses security validation for the users to watch movies in Filmyzilla.


Filmyzilla proxy or clone sites:

Since people have been crazy about sneaking in to watch the latest movies, banning Filmyzilla has been a problem for the movie buffs especially. So there has been an infiltration of clone sites and proxy sites which seems to be functioning the same way as Filmyzilla. Use a VPN connection and try different sites. There may be invalid and dummy sites in the list, but some of them really qualify to proxy the original one. Some of the famous clone sites of Filmyzilla for your information:


All the above sites are substantially faster and need an internet connection.

Alternatives of Filmyzilla:

As Filmyzilla has been facing a violation issue, it is only appropriate that movie buffs have some awareness about its alternatives which is quite similar to the quality of Filmyzilla. Let us see some of them and their specialties.


This could be a proper alternative for Filmyzilla, as the interface and the website designs seem almost similar. The simplicity of the website interface makes it more user-friendly. It has a list of collections of recent movies from different sources like Hollywood, Bollywood, and even some regional streams.


This is also quite a fitting alternative for Filmyzilla. Even in this, the interface is easy and comfortable. It has a collection of good Hollywood, Bollywood, and some list of South Indian movies as well. It also has a list of dubbed movies with good quality videos. There is one major option in this movie site that has been quite popular. It is the Request Movie option, where users opt to demand a movie and the support team would make it available.


This site comes across as an interactive site where the site support team responds with your queries and provides you with movies of your demand immediately. There is chat support that is readily available which caters to the requests of the users. Any language or stream of movies can be found on this site and this has also been a prominent alternative for Filmyzilla.


As the name suggests, this site is the best host platform for Bollywood movies. Even Hollywood and South Indian movie collections also exist. One good thing about the site is, it does not entertain any cookies, ads, or unnecessary pop-ups distracting the viewers. It is a perfect fitting alternative for Filmyzilla, which is also quite popular among the movie-watching masses.


Filmyzilla is definitely one of the prominent movie-watching sites, albeit being a pirated torrent website that has been banned in recent times. There are a lot of pop-ups and cookies with advertisements that appear on the site as a hindrance to the users watching movies. However, it is a very resourceful site which hosts a lot of good collection of movies including Bollywood, Hollywood, and regional movies. It definitely serves the users as the best movie site which can be used for watching streaming movies.

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