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5 Things to Consider Before Hire White Label SEO Agency

What Is A White Label Agency?  White Label Agency usually works for more prominent agencies supplementing the digital marketing agencies and working under them as service partners without any recognition. The while label names come because they do not disclose their name in the market and work like freelancing agencies.

Different medium to big agencies will hire these white label SEO agencies to solve problems they cannot solve. They would often hire white label SEO agencies to provide services that they are unable to deliver. In doing so, they can give their customer different services beyond their scope, and as a result, they can expand their service offerings. However, interesting as it may be, white-label digital services usually comprise quite a big team sometimes and usually provide cost-effective services for agencies while also carrying high expertise.

These White label SEO providers are also known as SEO reseller firms.


1. Why Choose SEO Resellers or White Label SEO?

For one, it has made individuals take on huge tasks that they have neither the human resources nor the expertise to do by themselves. They can hire SEO resellers to do the optimization or outsource all the jobs to them. Even if you do not have the adequate working capacity or the technology required to run a successful agency, you can just get a reseller to get the work done for you, and you can place the order after you get the gig or project.

However, it’s not as easy since you will be entrusting a lot of responsibility to a third party with the work that your client gave you. It can build or sometimes damage your reputation. This is why choosing the right SEO reseller is essential for you as an agency.

Things to consider while choosing an SEO reseller or a White label SEO

2. Service Quality

When you delegate your client’s project to a third party, you must ensure that the service this third party is about to provide is top-notch. Your clients expect the best from you, and they are using their hard-earned money to get some value out of it. You should always ensure quality.

  • High quality of SEO service will comprise of these elements:
  • Sticking only to ethical practices and White Hat SEO tactics.
  • Quality content creation that is interesting and meets the client’s demands.
  • Keyword research that is highly informed has a good mapping and proper execution.

They are not using any activities that may damage the reputation of clients. These are spam-like activities that must be avoided.

You can quickly evaluate the white label SEO service by evaluating their recent projects or past works. If the firm is established, then it is straightforward to find their previous results. Disingenuity is very easy to detect in instances like these, and you can also see client reviews and testimonials.

3. Inspect Their Level of experience

You need to know how well equipped they are to deal with your project. Not only that, but you also want to see if the White label service providers have the experience required to deal with the particular niche that you operate within. If you are a small agency, then the chances are that you deal with a specific niche or target market. SEO aspects are not so different from market to market, but the way they are executed is not the same, which makes a difference.

You might not always find a niched SEO reseller but try to find one or at least ensure that the reseller you are opting for has dealt with your target audience before. Some resellers have service pages dedicated to specific markets and niches that you can look for.

4. Technology

You want to find an SEO reseller with suitable technologies, good enough to handle more complex projects than yours. An agency that employs modern technology will most often have high expertise, ensuring seamless interaction between their team, you, and your clients.

5. Assess Their Customer Service

When you are running an agency that relies heavily on resellers, you have no other choice but to delegate customer service to the white label SEO resellers. You must find a reseller that provides high-quality customer support, or your reseller power business will come crashing down.

Things you want the reseller to have in terms of customer service are as follows:

  • Make sure that your reseller has reliable and on-time support. Live Chat support or email support is a plus.
  • Has a customer support team that is highly knowledgeable.
  • A support team that is trained to resolve disputes correctly.

Here’s a tip before giving them a project, you can evaluate their customer service by using their service yourself with anonymity. From pre to after-sales support, if you do this, you will get a holistic understanding of the experience they provide. However, don’t be blatantly annoying when you are playing the detective, and don’t ask questions that are simply of no value.

Get a better grasp of their reseller program.

Ask as many useful questions as you can ask to probe into their program infrastructure. You have to ensure that you have a proper understanding of the reseller that you are getting help from. Know precisely the things that will be included in their program. Some of the common things that are included are

  • SEO monitoring tools.
  • Progress reports of White Label SEO.


When hiring a White Label SEO provider, it’s important that you go with one that has high credibility. If you find one that is very cheap but has less to no track record, it’s better to test them first by paying them to do a project(that is not from your clients) and then assessing the value they provide. You can develop further from there or stick to well-established agencies.

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