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Best Torrent Sites to Download Latest Movies

Watching Movies is always the best way to burst our stress. Whenever we feel demotivated or bored, at that time we always prefer to watch movies as there many motivational, funny, romantic movies, etc. Whenever we feel to watch our favourite movie then we always turn on the TV and search on it if there is our favorite movies or not and if that particular movies is not available then we head over to internet to stream movies.

As we know that nowadays streaming movies online is very tough task and as at now there is no working movie streaming sites which is free. There are some paid movies streaming sites like Netflix but they are quite expensive so downloading movies is the best way to watch movies.

Torrent Sites to Download Latest Movies

There are many advantage of downloading movies, we can watch them later on when we are offline or we can watch it again and again without worrying about the data pack. The best site for downloading movies is torrents sites but as we know that most of the torrent sites are banned now adays so today we gonna list the best torrent site which are currently working to download the latest movies. There are sites like Extratorrent Proxy, 1337x, Torrent Hounds, etc

Top 3 Best Torrent sites to download latest movies.

Torrent Hounds

torrentHound was conjointly a decent show torrent web site. it absolutely was clean and would not deliver pop-up after you hit a link. however this web site did not go with classes, like Movies, TV Shows. It place totally different sorts of torrent files along. to seek out out target show torrent, you had to create use of the search bar. Currently, is down, however it’s imagined to come within the close to future.

Torrent files included: movies, games, music, application.


RARBG at the start commenced as a Bulgarian huntsman however has melted the hearts of these WHO ar extreme film buffs and need AN endless content run of the most recent flicks. no matter what classes these movies belong to, RARBG can have everything fitted to you. additionally to movies, finding TV shows are getting to be a awfully common sight that is why it’s found its place in concert of the highest torrent websites on the world.


After running through some hiccups last year once it tried to dodge privacy and security issues, 1337x is back with a bang and has established itself together of the foremost standard torrent downloading websites, however primarily for movies. whereas it will store a listing of games and software package, you’ll notice alternative alternatives a lot of suited to your purpose once it involves downloading speeds and on the market seeders.

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