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Instagram Video Marketing Tips For Video Creators

Instagram is the world’s most up to date platform nowadays and it is enriching day by day. Billions of people are using Instagram to become up to date in the internet world. Also, there are lots of people who are flourishing their business with the help of Instagram and there are bloggers and Marketers who are becoming popular and earning money with the help of Instagram. Now we will talk about video creators. As we all know that Instagram is photos and videos sharing social networking app that allow their users to share images and videos. In this article, I will share with you Instagram Video marketing tips that video creator can use to get More Instagram Likes and Followers.

Instagram Video Marketing Tips For Video Creators

Photos have their value on Instagram but videos also have a greater value. First, a 15 seconds video was introduced on Instagram which took the attention of so many Instagram users and becoming popular with the coming days. Nowadays we can upload an Instagram video between 3 to 60 seconds.

Here is Complete step by step guide how to use Instagram video marketing to grow fast as a video creator.

Why Instagram Video Marketing?

Instagram allow their users to share photo and videos with their followers, friends, and family. Instagram become one of the best video sharing platforms after YouTube and Facebook and its keep growing. One research study found that the Instagram average engagements for videos have increased by 53 percent. Currently, people are taking interest in videos rather than photos. That’s why Instagram Video Marketing is a great option for Businesses and marketers to

Instagram Allow their users to share 3 seconds to 10 seconds long HD Videos on Instagram. Every business profile or individual can upload videos on Instagram. But if you are video creator and want to upload more than 1-minute videos then you can use IGTV Instagram App to upload 10 minutes to 60 Minutes long Video. You can create your products, Services or educational videos to teach and guide your audience to increase your viewers and followers.

Being video creator your audience is your business so make sure to engage your audience. Always create videos what your audience and followers love. You can also Use Organic Likes for Instagram to engage your audience and get more engagements.  Here is step by step complete guide about Instagram Video Marketing tips for video Creators.

1- Your Video should have an Objective:

Keeping in mind that whatever the material you are uploading on Instagram should have an objective. Sometimes you upload a very beautiful and colorful video on Instagram but it fails to build an audience. So the video you are posting should have a purpose.

2- Your Video should have an Inspiring Emotion:

If your video is added with emotion then your audience will grow at a marked level. It should be funny, heart touching, thrilling or incredible. The purpose of video uploading on Instagram is that the number of audiences will increase and also that audience will share your video. In your video when you have an objective and if you add the emotion in your video then definitely this will work to get more views.

3- Post Videos Multiple times a Week:

As we all know that in all social media network you have to be active on your account whether it is Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube or Instagram. If your account is active then ultimately You can catch a grand number of audience. Similar to posting photos on Instagram, Instagram videos should also be uploaded on regular basis. The best thing is that post videos multiple times a week so that you grab a large number of people on your Instagram account. Keeping in mind that your video has an objective, emotion and can attract the attention of the people. People should take interest to watch the video from start till end.

4- Start the Video with an Interesting Hook:

You should attract the people that how people get forced to open your video and see that video from start to end. This can be done with an interesting hook. For example, if you are posting a video of a makeover then you should start your video by showing the end result of the makeover. So by seeing the end results, the spectators will take interest in watching the full video.

5- Shorten Open Credits and Titles:

If you use long credits or titles then people will lose interest in the video. Instead, use small open credits and titles so that people have an interest in watching video from start till end. Your opening title should be attractive and punchy.

6- Keep the Video Short and Snappy:

Instagram allows you to upload video up to 60 seconds. Keep your videos short and interesting having some kind of significant message in it. Successful video time ranges 15 seconds to 60 seconds. If you have a strong message in your video then it does not matter how short or long the video is.

7- Be Topical:

As Instagram is the most popular among all social media networks you should be topical. You should keep an eye on the upcoming calendar for dates. For example, if there is Christmas in the upcoming days then you should make a short and interesting video regarding Christmas. In short, you should be up to date. Be aware of the current affairs and also post the video of your product to be exposed to the new audience.

8- Built Your Own Footage Library:

You should build your own footage library. You do not have time to shoot the original video. Any good Instagram Marketing Strategy is to have the footage library of your videos at your fingertips. If you have your own footage library, you should keep in mind your own video library.

9- Audio isn’t a Make or Break but it is becoming more important:

Most of the people while watching video keep the sound off. So the majority of videos are seen without sound usually. There is a new feature on Instagram in which it is optional that if you want to turn up the volume or not. In case you turn up the volume then it is applicable to all videos on Instagram. The sound will be active unless you mute the sound by yourself.

Final Words: 

There are many more tips that you can use and consider in your Instagram Video marketing. All the tips that are listed above can skyrocket your Instagram video marketing. Just follow all these steps and watch your Instagram Growth.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article. I hope you like my article. If you like my article you can support me by giving this article a bunch of shares. I’d love to hear your thoughts as well. Let me know in the comments below!

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