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Instagram Blogging: Everything You Need To Know

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of using Instagram to promote your blog. We will review different techniques on posting to Instagram, talk about engagement with your audience as well as review the best ways to increase your followers. It is crucial to remember you must have fun with your account. Since the moment it stops being fun, you will lose interest. When you lose interest, your followers will too lose interest.

Instagram Blogging

Photos and processing

Followers want to watch beautiful photos on Instagram. Therefore, you will have to spend time searching for successful angles, find your own style in photography, think through the processing and learn how to assemble the picture.

To learn how to maintain a beautiful profile, find accounts that you like, and strive to make similar photos. Photograph in good light, take a variety of photos, pay attention to the quality of the source.

For processing, use third-party applications: VSCO, Snapseed, Lightroom, and others. Choose one style and use it for all the photos, so your feed will look more stylish and beautiful.

Blog posts

Today it is very difficult to attract the attention of the audience with some photos. Users want to follow to full-featured blogs with useful or entertaining information.

Write about what really interests you, for sure it will also be interesting to your followers. If you can’t come up with a topic for a new post, watch other bloggers. By taking someone else’s idea, you can reveal it in a new way on your blog.

It is very important to post regularly and correctly arrange posts. Compiling a content plan will allow you to always have a ready-made idea for the next post. To make the text easy to read, break it into paragraphs and add emoji, but in moderation.


Today, Stories are the most important tool Instagram along with the main feed. Many followers even love to watch the story more, because they see in them a livelier and real picture.

Shoot your real life, engage users in events that happen to you, make polls, ask opinions of your followers.

Communication with followers

It is very important to communicate with your audience, respond promptly to questions and comments from users, give thanks for compliments and work with criticism. Followers give very important feedback to a blogger.

To increase the activity and to talk to their audience, bloggers use a variety of techniques and tricks: they organize surveys, ask questions, speak on topical and controversial topics, reveal secrets and details of personal life.

Blog promotion on Instagram

Unfortunately, due to the high competition, even a beautiful blog with interesting content has very little chance of rapid growth without proper promotion. Here we list all the paid and free methods that are used to promote blogs on Instagram at the moment.

  • Get likes on Instagram
  • Getting into the top section due to beautiful photos and interesting content
  • Using hashtags
  • Mutual collaboration with other bloggers
  • Comments under the posts of popular bloggers
  • Advertise with bloggers
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Conducting Giveaways

The best result will give a combination of these methods among themselves. Allocate a budget to advertise your blog, write out a strategy, try various methods and watch your account statistics.

A combination of beautiful photos, interesting content and active profile promotion will surely give the desired result in the development of your blog on Instagram.

How to make money on an Instagram blog?

There are several main options for monetizing your profile on Instagram. If you can create an interesting blog and make it popular, you will have a very good income.

Advertising bloggers, products and services

As soon as your blog becomes popular with any audience, bloggers, shops, and companies will begin to contact you with a proposal for cooperation. With the growing popularity of the blog, it will be possible to switch to full monetary cooperation.

Brand contracts

When you become a recognizable person and an opinion leader for your audience, many brands will want you to become their representative. Depending on the topic of your blog and audience, you will be able to receive offers from travel agencies, clothing stores, cosmetic brands, and other companies.

Creating your product

Having created a popular blog and won the trust of the audience, you can create your own product or service. Already having hundreds of thousands of loyal potential buyers, you will have a good basis for starting your own business.

Tips for IGTV

  • Use hashtags in video descriptions. Hashtags have long been the golden rule, if you want more Instagram coverage, of course. IGTV is no exception. You can include hashtags in your IGTV video description, and it will appear in the search results. Viewers who click on your video in the search results will view your video as full-screen IGTV video.
  • View IGTV’s Instagram statistics. Any good strategy requires you to analyze the results of your content. Fortunately, Instagram provides information on all IGTV videos directly in the mobile app. To view statistics, click the button with three points on any video on your channel and select View Statistics. In Statistics, you can see how many views were and how long your video was viewed.
  • Reply to comments on IGTV on Instagram. Viewers can comment and like your IGTV videos just like any other Instagram post. You’ll see these notifications mixed with all of your regular Instagram notifications.


For better promotion, don’t post low-quality pictures. Learn how to take professional photos.

To get to the top, gain maximum involvement immediately after the post is published. Involvement = likes + save + comments. Chat with your audience.

Stay tuned for Instagram updates and be the first to use new types of content.

Create a unique style and stick to it in the future posting.

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John Paul
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