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ID Verification Online

Identity verification (먹튀 검증) is one of the most accurate ways to validate the identity of the person who is standing right in front of you wherein you basically check on its ID with photo and have it compared to its physical appearance to properly detect whether or not the ID and person presenting it is the same. However, that traditional process is slowly drifting away because of the technology’s evolvement; as such it is not a surprise that ID is can be verified online.

ID Verification Online

Generally, verification is required by most digital businesses may it be from purchasing some products and applying to services and social networking platforms within which the authenticity of the user is built into experience.  Today, automated identity verification is can be done either through biometrics and face detection. Most often than not, the former is widely used where it only uses one’s fingerprint to have an access in your smart phones or perhaps in your office as your employer specifically made it as your source of access in the company premises.

AU10TIX is here to give the most advanced way to implement ID Verification Online System within which it can provide the most efficient and effective services without risking important data of your business. With us, we can assure that we have a full automated customer on boarding and KYC Initiation where it will carefully and properly input data; data entry is not necessary anymore since it is already been installed in the KYC.

We have an automatic detection in cases of forgery, counterfeiting; exemplary authentication check; augment Selfie-to-ID face matching; excellent handling of borderline quality and non-standard ID images; cognitive toolbox; high quality of decision enabling risk; a very high quality of security and control protocol; multi lingual document to properly support the needs of our clients; it is available on web portal; and it has been formulated and designed to have a better conversion rates, a higher traffic handling capacity, cost saving and operating efficiency while properly facilitating the KYC and protection from any forms of fraud. Through the wide range of our services, we can assure the system of your ID verification online will be at its highest degree of use, implementation and maintenance.

Upon administering the system, we make the following steps to thoroughly conduct the automation on board:

  • Capture
  • Recognition
  • Authentication
  • Extraction
  • Verification
  • KYC Screening

This process is important as we will make sure that the entry of every data is carefully screened and filtered. In this way we can successfully conduct our protocols and procedures, make a dry run and or test to check whether the input data, installation and programming are properly administered. Once the above mentioned processes are successfully done, we can guarantee that your ID Verification Online is on the top your game.

In cases of fraud, counterfeiting and collateral risk you may still contact us to provide the best solution. With us, we value the needs and wants of our clients, and to satisfactorily comply with high standard.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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