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How to Overcome Your Credit Card Being Declined

Decline of a credit card occurs frequently for many users, whether an online payment, contactless or with contact. This is a fairly serious issue when you’re online shopping, planning travels or transferring essential funds to a relative. At best, it’s a mild convenience, and at worst it can yield dire consequences!

But how should you handle this situation? If your own card is decline, then how can you combat the surprise and be sufficiently prepared for this eventuality?

Consequently, here’s how to overcome your credit card being declined.

Overcome Your Credit Card Being Declined

Carry Cash

There’re many reasons your credit card may be declined. You may run out of credit, or the card itself could have recently surpassed its expiration date and your imminently due for a replacement. Alternatively, you may have been listed as a fraud suspect, and your account closed thereafter. In the end, the reasons for declination range from petty to rather severe!

Therefore, it won’t do you any harm to carry a healthy amount of cash in your wallet. You can momentarily stop panicking about the why your card was declined if you’re physically in a shop, and simply close the deal quickly and worry about it later. While there’s always a danger of losing coins and notes, at least you can swiftly make your smaller transactions without embarrassingly holding up the people behind you in whatever shopping queue you’re in! 

Alternate Payment Methods

You should never be dependent on one form of payment, credit card or not. The people with the healthiest financial habits and bank balances tend to be flexible with how they pay for products, services and necessities. It means that when things occasionally go wrong, you have a solid backup plan. After all, it’s always sensible to set up some contingency tactics, especially when it comes to your money!

For example, the virtual prepaid card can be advantageous over your credit card, especially when it comes to online shopping. You can’t lose it because it’s not even there – it’s virtual, which means it’s presence can only be felt in the digital world. It won’t be stolen or take up any space in your wallet, pocket or purse, and so subsequently, you have a constant resource at your disposal if your credit card gets declined. It’s a simple and easy solution!

Maintain Your Composure

It might seem like a condescending point to make, but it’s worth remembering. When your finances are threatened, it’s only natural to be irritated, scared or concerned. However, what’s important here is that you don’t let tempers and emotions get the better of you, regardless of whether you’re in a public space when your card is declined. Think rationally.

There is a reason your card has been declined, and it won’t take you long to find out why and get the situation remedied. Until then, keep your composure and be polite to any staff that are dealing with you. This will ensure that everyone, including you, has an easier time of the event. So long as you’ve had the foresight to make the payment another way, you can get the issue sorted and back to your life in no time.

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