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How To Write Better Essays

When your teacher hands you a graded essay, you should look at the most important things to include that will land you a good grade. This is what many students miss, then end up getting grades they are not very proud of. To ensure you don’t get disappointed by your score, you should focus on writing better essays. This means learning the criteria teachers use to grade your essays. Here are some of the key areas you need to focus on to perform well.

How To Write Better Essays

Develop a strong thesis

The thesis forms the essence of your paper, and this is basically the claim that you make or the point you want to prove. The rest of the essay will be guided by this statement. Mostly, the thesis is made up of one or two sentences and lies in the introduction of the essay. To excel in writing a thesis statement, you should ask yourself if you have introduced the statement in the first paragraph, if the body of your essay supports your thesis, and whether the conclusion reiterates the thesis and how you have proved it in the body.

Writing style

Style is important as it expresses your writing persona. In this, you demonstrate your fluency and you are supposed to write precise sentences that have a varied form. You should use a variety of sentences, include idiomatic phrases, and also back your points with data and references. Remember that your vocabulary should be genre specific. Your sentences should create an impact and your writing must sound like you and flow naturally.


Conventions include punctuation, spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Content with a lot of mistakes is a sign of carelessness and might take away the credibility of arguments you have made. Too many errors make your writing to be difficult to understand, and this might just be the single reason you will lose a lot of points. If you cannot write perfect grammar, you can use this custom paper writers to have your papers proofread and the necessary corrections made to make it flawless. You could also use proofreading software to get rid of small mistakes that can cost you points.

Support and references

Another important thing your teacher looks at while grading your paper is the support and references. While writing your paper, you must provide references to sources of your information, and all this must be cited properly. Use the correct format of citation to uphold relevancy. You should learn from the MLA, APA, HARVARD, and CHICAGO citation style handbooks to understand how each is included in an essay. This will help you to understand how to include quotes, references, and paraphrases to support your arguments.

Writing a good essay is a process and you must ensure all important bits are included. Draft a strong thesis that represents the arguments you wish to prove in your paper. While writing, ensure to use a format that is flawless and easy to follow, and check for grammar and spelling mistakes as these could deny you points. Lastly, your paper should be cited properly.

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