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Steps To Download Photos And Videos From Instagram Without Any Application

Instagram is a great site for those who love to see photos and short videos online. There are millions of photos and videos available from various accounts you can watch whether on the smartphone devices and the desktop. Let’s learn how to download the photos and videos from Instagram from your PC or desktop.

Photos And Videos From Instagram Without Any Application

Login to the Personal Instagram Account

Just make sure that you are login with your Instagram account before downloading the photos and videos. If you don’t have an Instagram account, you must create it first. It is easy to create a new account and it is similar to the other social media. Use your ID and password to login to your personal account. Even, you can log in by using your personal Facebook account.

Use an Instagram Downloader

The primary thing you must have before downloading a photo or video from Instagram is an Instagram Downloader. There are several downloaders available that will let you download multiple Instagram photos through it.Now, you can easily find out some trusted Instagram downloader sites. You need an Instagram downloader because you can’t take the photo and video automatically by copy and paste the file.

Choose the File You Want to Download

Now, find the photos and videos you want to download. You can find it from the feed, the story, or the IG TV feature. Click the photo or the video until you see the exact link of the file you want to download. Just make sure that the link is exactly what you want to download. The exact link of the photo or video is very important because you are not about to copy and paste it. When you are ready to download the photo or video, copy the link.

Put the Link in the Instagram Downloader

Open the Instagram Downloader site. Then, find the place to put the link. Commonly, you will see a direction where to place the link you want to download. Just paste the link you have copied from the Instagram to the box in the Instagram downloader. Recheck the link to make sure that you are downloading the right file. To continue the process, click the download button and wait for a few seconds.

Enjoy the Photos and Videos Anytime You Want

During the process, there will be a new page to show the downloaded file. You can choose to download the selected file or choose a new photo or video to download. Click the download the selected file and there will be a sign if the process is done. That’s it! You can enjoy the photo or video anytime you want without opening Instagram. Moreover, you are also able to share the file with your friends through various social media platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Google+. Just click the social media where the image or video you want to share and let your friends see it right away.

The Benefits of Using Instagram Downloader

The benefit of using this kind of Instagram downloader is that you don’t need to download any application. The most important, the images or videos are able to see in your PC or desktop. Furthermore, the service is offered for free and you don’t need to spend your money at all. Indeed, this is the easiest way to share interesting videos or photos from Instagram to your friends and watch it anytime you want.

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