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How to Use Gaming Mouse Programmable Buttons

Many people still use a mouse which comes with a left click to select, a right click for opening a list of functions called as context menu and a rubber wheel for scrolling. However, the mouse nowadays is usually of 4 or more buttons which can be great and extremely beneficial for gamers and for navigation as it saves time by achieving the result in just one click. To save the time and energy in clicking the back and close buttons, zooming in or out and to reach the optimal level of gaming, which an ideal cs go gaming mouse requires, you need a mouse with more than 3 buttons.

If you still have a 3 button mouse, you can modify those buttons with the use of some of the best and appropriate programmable software like Mouse Manager, X-Mouse button control, Hydra Mouse, Logitech gaming, clicky Mouse and software like synapse for customizing an 11 button Razer mouse. If you got a 5 button mouse, you can assign or customize the 4th and the 5th button with any sort of key combination using Mouse Manager. Instead of using the advanced option and methods to customize and assign the keys, the mouse manager can let us easily set the buttons by pressing the buttons on the keyboards. Without editing the current configuration, you can conveniently change switch different keys for the 4th and the 5th button.

Gaming Mouse Programmable Buttons

X-Mouse button control is yet another great app which allows easy customization of your mouse button. You can download the app from the X-Mouse portal and install it.

When you open the software, you will be able to see the Application configuration with a list of buttons present in your mouse. On the right side of the screen, you can find the left, right and the middle button and additional button if any.

The middle button is usually found on the old mouse and in new devices, the scroll can be used as the middle button. You can assign any combination of keys to the 4th and the 5th button with the help of the options present there.

You can use the close and back with these extra buttons which can save a lot of time while you are surfing. These key’s combination can be found in the dialog box which appears on clicking each button field. You can also choose cut, copy, paste, or Undo, Show desktop options or even playing the next and previous track on any media player.

If you are done with assigning keys, click on apply. The simulated keystrokes will appear which gives you all the information relevant to the particular key combination. To stimulate a particular Ctrl-F4 keystroke, you have to type {CTRL}{F4} on the box.

The best advantage of X-Mouse control is its ability to assign actions to a specific button on an application basis. This means that for a particular application the Mouse will function differently and you can assign different actions for a different application.  For working on an application basis, first, open the app and return to the X-Mouse Control Software. Add the new configuration whatever you want and increase your efficiency in that particular application. This can be done using the add button at the top center.

Logitech gaming software can also do the customization in a very easy way. The editing of a button can be done either by dragging and dropping the existing command on it or by selecting between the wide ranges of options in the edit command. There are many other great applications to save time and provide you the ultimate gaming experience.

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