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How To Unlock An Android Phone And Use Any SIM

Sometime we may ask ourselves why some phones come locked and one is not able to use them at all unless they first unlock them. A locked phone inhibits the use of SIM card from the different network and one is not able to use his or her minutes, send or receive texts or data.

Why SIM Lock?

The reason why some carriers or network providers lock their phones is that they sell their phones at a concessionary price to customers in return for a contract to pay for the use of the network for a specific time.

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Locking the phones allows them to recover the cost of the phones in the agreed duration. Most manufacturers give a contract of one to three years. The good news is that nowadays unlocking such phones is a common and easy process. In this process, a user can access to its settings directly after factory resetting the phone (Due to the locked screen or pattern locked) device they can use unlock solution frp bypass application to access to their settings directly.

Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Huawei, and SonyXperia are examples of Android phones that may have restrictions of using a specific SIM as some may come with SIM lock from the manufactures prohibiting the use of a new SIM.

How to unlock SIM

There are four ways to unlock Android SIM

1. Contacting the service provider

This involves asking the service operator to unlock it for you.

  • To unlock your smartphone or tablet, you must first have your international mobile Equipment which is found when you go to settings then about phone then to status and lastly to IMEI.

After giving the operator this number, they will check if you are eligible for the service and then they will send you a PIN code which you will use to remove the SIM lock.

2. Software Unlocking

  • You must be careful when using this process as it requires you to look for reliable software that will be able to grant you a safe operation.

Example of such service is Android SIM Un-locker: it is the safest method to use as it will ensure a quick and effective way to get the SIM unlocked.

Steps to follow

  1. Download and install the software on your computer.
  2. Connect the android gadget to a computer. When plugged in, the phone will instantly detect the program. Click next and follow the instructions given on the display.
  • Enter into Service Mode on your Android device. You will see a dial pad, click hush button followed by 9090 then hush to enter the service mode. On, the service mode selects CDMA MODEM from the menu provided.
  1. Then start Unlocking Android SIM After doing the above process, click on Unlock and the SIM unlocking will start and commence in a few minutes.
  2. You need to restore your Android smart device to a normal state. Dial hush twice then followed by 3424 then hush and select PDA from the menu then click next for your android gadget to go back to its normal mode.

3. Rooting your device

For smartphones that are powered by 5.0 Android like the Huawei Honor 7, HTC One M7, Samsung Galaxy S6, Sony Xperia Z3 and many other you may use rooting method. Also, there are apps such as 360root app for pc available that can make rooting your device simpler and quicker.

Things to consider before Rooting

  • Have in mind that rooting your android gadget is not the subject of insurance guarantee of the device as this process is an official operation.
  • Lower the stock ROM for you to restore your device.
  • Back up Android data that is stored in the internal memory storage before you start the process.
  • Ensure that your battery status is greater than 60% for the process not to be interrupted.

How to Root your Android Smart Phone

  1. Download Android Root Pro App and install it on your personal computer. Connect your phone to your computer ensuring that your Android device USB Debugging state is enabled.
  2. When your gadget has been detected by the program, it will start to analyze and will automatically download and update the driver when it needs.
  • Lastly, when everything is set, click the root button to begin the rooting task. After some time a pop-up window will appear to prompt you that the process has finished.

4. Device unlock App

Steps to follow

  1. See if the gadget uses T-Mobile or MetroPCS network. Select the type of the phone and the network and then the Device Unlock App service.
  2. After the process, you will get an e-mail telling you that the phone’s IMEI number has been registered as unlocked.
  • Put your new SIM card.
  1. Open the App and select permanent Unlock to finish the procedure.
  2. A message will appear showing you that Unlock is approved.
  3. Press restart to start using your phone on any preferred GSM network.
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