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How to Avoid the Biggest Hiring Mistakes

Errors and mistakes are given in human nature, so it is only natural that sometimes you may fail to take certain important parts of the recruitment and hiring process into consideration. To overcome this kind of problem, you can take help from professeionals like for smooth hiring.

How to Avoid the Biggest Hiring Mistakes

  1. Making the decision in a hurry

Sometimes you can be under pressure to find the right person or people for a job as fast as you can, but this may result in some very important steps being overlooked. To avoid this, you must determine a clear and comprehensive process with steps that can guide you and your subordinates about how to progress through the procedure. You would also not want to miss out on industry mandated checks like the working with children check if you make a decision in a hurry and do not take into account all factors to determine if a candidate will be suitable. Only when you complete each step correctly will you find the right person for the job.

  1. Not hiring the right person for the right job

Often companies make haste in hiring new employees for a job that might not even fit properly into their goals and strategies and serves no significant purpose. This can not only increase labor costs but once the company catches on to this redundancy, they may be forced to lay people off. To avoid this, before beginning the hiring process, your first priority must be to figure out exactly what the job entails and how it fits into the organization by going over the strategies and tactics, and the goals and objectives of each of the departments you are hiring for.

Another valuable consideration is activating a corporate alumni community, which would allow organizations to connect with both current and former employees. Employees are more likely to refer the right person for the job and to commend the company in the process. This will improve employer branding and broaden the pool of available talent.

  1. Skipping a phone or Skype interview

By providing an additional screening checks opportunity, taking this measure will help you make sure you are not only hiring someone with great credentials but also someone who is the perfect fit for the company, its people, and culture. To benefit from this, you should schedule over the phone or Skype/Zoom interviews with each of your recruits to get a better judge of character and personality.

  1. Not taking a test

Taking a test can uncover if the glowing performance reviews actually have any substance to them. They can help you assess the current performance levels of your candidates. To avoid the possibility of hiring someone who may seem like a great candidate based on past experience but is not the right fit for the company, you must use testing as a way to analyze their knowledge and skills that are relevant to your job description.

  1. Not reaching out to references

Another common mistake made by employers is to ignore confirmation from references that the candidate did indeed work for a certain employer or was a student at a certain institute; leading to the hire of persons who lack the necessary skills and experience that is needed to work your job. To avoid this, make sure to always reach out to the references provided by the applicant and make inquiries about the work ethic, character, performance, etc, of the candidate.

  1. Not carrying out a background investigation

Sometimes employers neglect running background investigations to unearth any criminal record from an applicants’ past that may make them a danger to your workplace at the moment. To avoid risking the security of your employees and making sure this does not become a liability for you is to run the names of your applicants through a national police check database. You can get those types of checks either at a local police station or in some advanced countries like Australia  the popularly used site in Australia: that you can rest assured nothing from their past can harm the current and future of your organization.

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