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How To Study Effectively And Productively Using Smartphones?

Today, with so many technological advances and drastic changes in the education space, students can easily develop healthy study habits with much less stress and hard work. Further, studying and exam preparation has become simpler as the materials are available at a student’s fingertips on a computer, tablet and even on a smartphone. Besides, we are seeing smartphones slowly taking over other mediums of learning. Well, as smartphones are owned by a majority of the students, many educators are offering study material and information in a way that makes sense to these modern-day learners. In this digital era, learners can easily access various resources and study tools like CBSE Notes for class 9 on their smartphones by going online and at the same time have a genuine learning experience.

How To Study Effectively And Productively Using Smartphones

Besides, for tech-savvy students and others, mobile learning is becoming an easy alternative for mastering various subjects and a premier tool for preparing productively for board or competitive exams. While this new age technology is bringing in a new trend, we will discuss how mobile devices can be used to develop better studying habits and learning capabilities.

Mobile Apps 

Mobile devices come with or they support a lot of applications. You can use your mobile device to download and install educational apps or exam preparation apps which are readily available on the app store or the play store. These apps will help you to study in a more engaging and fun manner. The apps also offer a lot of study materials like videos, animations interactive games, quizzes and even question papers, etc. with which you can have a holistic learning experience.

Relevant Information

One of the great benefits of using a mobile device to study is that you get access to only the most relevant and updated information. Normally, textbooks do not contain all the required information or the details present in them can even be outdated. In such instances, you can use your mobile device to instantly find out and learn with the latest and in-depth information about certain topics. For example, if you want to access the latest study notes for science, you can check CBSE class 9 science notes where you will find most of the content is based on the latest syllabus and guidelines.

Mobiles Device Can Be Used To Store Many Things 

If you own a mobile device or a smartphone, then you can use it to download eBooks or eReader apps. These are way convenient and a cheaper way to study. Besides, you store a whole library of e-books on mobile devices. Additionally, you can also use the device to access a lot of educational videos. Video lessons are more effective in understanding certain concepts and you will be able to retain the topics for a longer period of time. Mobile phones can also be used to access educational audio content like podcasts, lectures, amongst others.

What Else Can You Do?

Using mobile devices smartly is a good practice instead of just wasting your precious time in social media and others. On a productive side, you can use smartphones to network or collaborate with others to study together. The cameras can be used to take pictures or record videos of important documents and assignments. You can easily find information like exam dates, timetable, etc by going online.

Today, hard work is not the only important factor for succeeding but studying smartly is the key to prepare well and secure higher grades in the exams. Thus, you can be smart and follow some of the tips mentioned above to learn effectively. Meanwhile, you can also check out BYJU’S YouTube channel to learn about the different exam preparation techniques and access different study resources.

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