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5 Important Features Of a Benefits Administration Software

What would you do if things could be easier? A company is an unstoppable machine that keeps going along. The HR department’s importance to the success of any business cannot be understated. There are a few main tasks executed by human resource departments, such as providing employees benefits and ensuring they are paid on time. Benefits Administration software make this admittedly time-consuming process easier. Here are the 5 main features of making the switch to HR software.

5 Important Features Of a Benefits Administration Software

  1. Vendors

There is a plethora of vendors with successful track records. The main reason BA software supersedes keeping the process in-house or outsourcing, is due to time. BA software vendors allow HR departments and leaders to conduct the process as they would, much more time efficiently. Because there are so many vendors, the options are plentiful for finding the software that suits your company’s needs. Know, though, that the price for these options vary between different vendors. As anything, make sure you review and evaluate the effectiveness of the program/software you’re considering.

  1. Packages Tracking

As benefits packages become more costly, new options have popped up in the past few years. At one time, flexible spending accounts were considered new. This option allows employees to set up dollar amounts for their benefits. This wasn’t available in the past, compared to traditional group benefits.Benefits administration software helps you keep track of the various number of benefits packages you offer your employees. (And because software is digital, there is no paperwork or the hassle of documentation.)

3.Analyze Changes

Employment lifecycles are important within a company. There are certain specific events within a company that can (and do) affect the business. Employees give birth. Employees retire. Employees must be terminated. Employees retire. Benefits administration programs make change management and analysis a lot easier, due to their event creation, approval and activation configuration, etc. Remember: the stronger the program, the more durable the automated process is. This automated process reduces the logistics of managing the events of employee changes.

  1. Involvement

A lot of people are more likely to stay at a business if that business shows them that they invest in the employee for the long term. Not many people would stay at a business that didn’t offer significant financial security. This is a double-edged sword for businesses, though, as investment and retirement programs tie up a lot of company resources (such as matching contributions, for example). BA software is a solution to these programs, as they offer plan designs, investments and organization involvement at the touch of a mouse.

  1. Employee Self-Service

Benefits Administration is not Greek. Nor is it an unspeakable language that only geniuses can understand. Business employees, to some extent, can manage the basics of their own benefits. Flexible benefits options are a tremendous advantage; thanks to BA software, employees can easily fill in claim forms on their own. They can review their allowances on their own. Software allows them to even revise their own benefits, on their own time, freeing up HR departments’ time and resources.


Unfortunately, there are a lot of HR processes that force companies to outsource that work to third parties. This is, to me, a negative move made by these organisations. There is little stability when HR processes are outsourced to third parties. Although there is admittedly far less risk than keeping benefits administration in-house. Whether you opt for BA software or choose to outsource and delegate the enrollment process and payroll, make sure that it is the right choice forward for the company.

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