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How to Sell a Car in Texas Online

Sell a Car in Texas Online

In a state as big as Texas, a car is often the only way you have to get around…. whether you prefer to drive in shoes, socks or barefoot. To those who prefer to walk and sell their old vehicle online, you will probably get a lot of interest — especially if it’s an in-demand car or truck. But how do you go about selling your car on the web? And is it any easier than selling it through a classified ad in the paper? Learn more about what the process takes, and how you can make the most of it.

Paperwork Central

Just like selling a car in real life, you’re going to need to get some paperwork together before you get started. Come up with all the information that a buyer will need or want to know about. Look through the owner’s manual to figure out which features your car has, or better yet, search for the original information that came with your car (often found on the window sticker of the original sale.) Get the title, bill of sale, and the current registration ready to go in case you need to make a quick sale. For even more credibility with your buyer, run a Carfax on your own car and then happily provide that information so the buyer doesn’t have to go on a hunt of their own.

Your Carfax report should have everything wrong with the car listed on the document, such as past accidents, thefts, or fraudulent activity on the vehicle. If your defensive driving in Texasdefensive driving in Houston

has led to more than a few fender-benders, then it may seriously affect the asking price of the car.

Work on Your Car

Just like everywhere else in the country, Texas drivers are looking for a car that has been well maintained and loved throughout its life. Maybe you don’t have to replace the transmission if you can’t afford to do it, but you can certainly afford to replace a headlight or to buff out a scratch or two. These types of cosmetic touches help a buyer appreciate the vehicle and imagine themselves in it. If it needs major work then they’re still going to expect a deal, but they may be willing to shell out a little more if they think that they’re TX driving is going to be raised up to the next level. Just pay attention to the details, whether you’re selling the car whole or for parts. (In other words, don’t skip the crumbs underneath the front seat just because you think that no one’s looking under there. Even people online will likely spot if corners have been cut.)

Completing a Texas Sale

The back of your title will have an assignment portion that you’ll need to fill out after you’ve accepted a final offer online. While it’s not required, the Texas DMV suggests you physically go to the county tax office with the buyer to double check that the application has been filed and accepted. You will then need to give the title to the buyer, along with the bill of sale and the odometer reading. Make copies of all paperwork so there is no confusion about who provided what to whom. If you don’t have a title for any reason, you will have to apply for a new one. This involves going to your local DMV with an Application for a Certified Copy of Title. Take your ID with you, and be prepared to pay a few bucks to get it replaced. Finally, make sure that you take the plates off the car before you give it to the buyer.

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