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How to See What Someone Comments On Instagram

People with active Instagram accounts are usually fond of requesting comments from followers. Since it is the best way to increase their engagement, there is nothing actually wrong with that. However, the problem comes where now you have thousands of users and they are commenting heavily. In this case, it is usually tricky since it can be difficult to keep track of all your follower’s comments. Instagram only allows visibility to about 75 latest notifications.

 How to See Comments On Instagram

Anything above that is usually hidden hence the user can easily lose track of audience comments. As a user with an active account, how then would you track your audience’s comments on Instagram? Luckily, there are various tools, as outlined in this article that can help you through your tracking process to the user.

Iconosquare for Instagram

Iconosquare, previously statigram, is a cool tool to locate your audience comments on Instagram. This tool is usually a desktop program with numerous amazing services. First of all, it is free to download and secondly, it allows one to easily manage the Instagram account in numerous ways. This includes by using the manage tab that is usually at the top of the page. It allows you to see every notification including the new comments through the nonfiction bubble within it. Iconosquare is reliable since it never lets any information pass since it has bubbles that display all of them.


Earlier known as webstagram, Websta has been good for viewing posts. Through this tool, it is easy to not only see the posts but also to respond back directly. Websta operates via a post tab that if you click, all your Instagram posts are usually posted right there. Websta, however, does not show notifications but it allows you to seek for them within deep into the stream. You could buy Instagram comments so as to increase your subscribers. With Websta, however, there is no worry as you can still be able to view your instagram comments with ease.

Hootsuite for Instagram Comments

HootSuite is much popular and is a free social media management tool. Aside from Instagram, it is also usable in other social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and many more. Hootsuite’s control panel has a feature where it allows the user to add an Instagram app. Though you can never post anything on Instagram via Hootsuite, it is still good in many ways such as in managing comments and viewing feeds. Tracking comments with Hootsuite are in few steps and very easy. By selecting my photos button, all your posts in the stream will be listed. As a result, you are able to view all the comments and likes to your account. In addition, HootSuite has a refresh button to enable the user to refresh and update the stream. The direct response to comments enables easy management of comments hence the high chances of engagement with the client. HootSuite allows this future which makes it the best tool for tracking comments and engaging clients. 

These tools are not that perfect, but for easy comment management on Instagram, you can count on them. With different levels of service such as tracking casual comments, replying to comments to engaging clients, they are the best to enable you see comments on instagram easily.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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