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How To Score Well In IELTS?

People who are seeking to attain international education, job opportunities or migration abroad, IELTS is a one-stop test for them. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a test for all the people who are willing to go abroad for any of the aforesaid things.

Many people try and appear multiple times to get the best score. But what they don’t see is that they are lacking in the same aspect as before and this is why the score is somewhat the same in every attempt.

Don’t worry, you have landed in the right place, this article is definitely for you. Read on to know more about ‘How to score well in IELTS’?

How To Score Well In IELTS

IELTS has all together four sections: Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading.

The five ways mentioned below are curated from an overall perspective as to how a person can improve and score higher than the previous attempt.

1. Study and practice the format thoroughly

The most basic but one of the vital points is to understand the format precisely. IELTS exam is conducted in the time duration of 2 hours 45 minutes. Don’t forget to manage the time wisely and efficiently. The bifurcation of each section is as follows:

  • Listening section – 30 minutes,
  • Reading and Writing section – 60 minutes
  • Speaking section – Maximum 14 minutes.

What matters here is that you are able to get everything done in that specific time duration and that demands practice. Try and attempt online mock tests or at your coaching centers (if anyone has joined for that matter)

2. Keep in touch with newspapers and books

The way newspapers, magazines and books can improve your vocabulary, no other platform has the abilities to do so. By reading you get to know the exact spelling and pronunciation, which is highly important for speaking and writing tests.

Give a good session of at least one hour every day to begin with this practice; we assure you it will help you in the final exam.

3. Brush up the writing skills

Even if a zillion ideas strike your mind, keep a note that you should not write too much detail on any assigned topic. Make pointers as and when your writing test starts. This practice will help you to inculcate vital elements in your write-up and will make it crisp and short; which is an ideal format to present.

In this practice, time management plays the most crucial role. Try and avoid misconduct in the intention of the article and repetition of words.

4. Time management is the key

The time allotted to all the four sections are effectively selected. Keep a count of every minute and do not spend an extra minute stressing over a question that is confusing you.

We cannot stress the fact that what role time management plays in IELTS. The whole exam is planned in such a manner that a candidate can be evaluated in all aspects of intellect and management.

5. Review and learn from your mistakes

No practice is efficient unless and until you avoid making the same mistake again and again. Learning from your own mistakes is the key to all the success stories. You should always evaluate and compare your answers with the provided answer key. This way you can better understand the right answers and the points where you lack the skill of answering correctly.

This way will help you to calmly review each section and ensure the chances of scoring higher.


So, these five easy and effective ways are a sure shot tried and tested practices for all you candidates.

All these preparations are continuous efforts to have a shining score in the exam. Be calm and composed while doing the exam and believe in yourself as it is only you who can decide where and how your future will lead to!

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