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PxBee Review: How To Earn Money By Selling Your Pictures On PxBee?

PxBee is the latest stock photography website that presents photographers with an opportunity to earn money by selling their photos. Like other stock photography websites, this site deals with selling and buying photographs. They assert to pay up to 50% revenue share. As the community is thriving, new stock photo websites are emerging at a considerable rate. Fotor Photography, which is popular in photo editing, launched PxBee. Those who already use Fotor Photography for editing will certainly try this site.

PxBee Review How To Earn Money By Selling Your Pictures On PxBee

Like other stock photography sites, PxBee connects you with clients who require images in wide-ranging different categories, therefore, there is no such limitation regarding the type of photos that you sell.

How Does PxBee Works?

  • First, you need to create an account on PxBee, which is easy and free of cost.
  • Every photo you upload will be analyzed, and if approved, it will be shown on the platform. The photos will be accepted if they meet certain criteria for the site, for instance, if they have a theme and an idea.
  • The clients need photos for their marketing campaigns. Once in a while, they will need photos for personal use. In any case, you would be earning money if your photos are attractive and look great whether they are used on billboards, any campaign, or product packaging.
  • PxBee is helpful to people who are searching for stock photo or real-life photos, therefore your images must look like they have been clicked naturally. And if small editing is done to each image, that will be a brownie point!

Tips To Get Your Images Approved On The Site, Considering The Artistic View And The Angle Of Photos:

The categories are quite important and a huge number of these are obtainable for vector art and photos. Identifying the trending categories on the site helps to fetch more profit. Uploads can be adjusted so that you have more categories for commercial use.

If you are an expert or professional in this area, it will be easier for you to place the photos in the black and white category. Some of the popular categories on the site are Portraits, Animals, and Abstract. Uploading your photos in the right category has a huge impact on gaining clients.

How To Earn Money With Your Photographs?

There are several players in this free image stock industry, but earning money with your photos on PxBee is very easy if your images are high-quality and have an idea that clients are looking for.

Knowing your clients, who are on this platform searching images for commercial projects, is very rewarding. In this way, it will be easier for you to adjust the photos you upload in each category and increase your sales. Quality always beats over quantity. To attract clients, make sure your pictures or vector art look best in a large format.

The pictures on this site are priced as per their size, the license, and even whether a “Model Release” is required. The extended license for a photo is priced at $99.99, which is one of the most profitable choices for contributors on PxBee. A standard license for a large photo is for $9.99 and for a small photo the same license is for $2.99.

PxBee charges a commission after every image is sold. The commission is applied after taxes & fees and is around 50%. The payments are made through PayPal.

Now that you know the basics, you can begin uploading pictures on PxBee and earn the profit.

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