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How to Save Money on Seniors Life Insurance?

Life insurance for seniors is slowly becoming more of a basic need more than an optional choice, as depending on the chosen life insurance policy, the policyholder can get either medical benefits when an illness strikes or the policy holder’s family can get a monetary benefit if the senior dies of natural causes or illnesses as covered by the policy. Navigating the claims process is not always easy, and sometimes you don’t know where to start. Thankfully, you can now get help with trauma insurance claims from Curo and they will manage the entire process while you take care of your or loved ones’ health.

It is normal that with age the policy cost will increase. You may notice that the life insurance for seniors over 75 is costly but you can definitely lower the cost if you follow the right steps, read this guide.

Seniors Life Insurance

We Have 5 Tips Here for You

Comparing Rates to Get Affordable Policy

While most people believe that the principle of frugality shouldn’t apply to life insurance, trauma insurance, disability insurance, living expenses cover and funeral insurance plans, the fact of the matter remains, that a penny saved is a penny earned.

In line with Assisted living information, there are various insurance comparison websites that help potential policyholders choose between both various insurance providers and coverage plans. The benefits of using these websites are to get an unbiased and unadulterated detailed view on factors that would otherwise be compromised by directly agreeing to the first life insurance provider who offers a seemingly affordable life coverage plan.

Ensuring that you compare the prices as well as the coverage terms, benefits, payout rates, interest rates, interest terms and other important factors are the primary way to save money while choosing seniors life insurance.

Choose a Policy with Level Premiums

While most coverage plans come with a default stepped premium option, this default choice will imply that the premiums will increase over a period of time especially when the policyholder ages and his health deteriorates.

Looking for a coverage plan with level premiums can help save money over a period over a term or two, even if the policy costs a few dollars extra per term.

Opt Out Of CPI Increase

Ensuring that you read, review and choose the right options while opting out of CPI increase and similar hidden costs will help you get a cheaper seniors life insurance plan. The CPI increase option ensures that the policy keeps up with the inflation rates but this also increases the premiums paid to the insurer.

Scout for Policies with Add-On Money Saving Features

One of the examples of a money-saving feature is the multiple life options. Customizing your policy by choosing add-on features such as trauma rider can also be extremely beneficial in case of emergencies.

Policies with a freeze premium option can make sure that your premium rates don’t increase over a period of time as the insured amount you had initially chosen will gradually decrease with time.

A guaranteed renewal plan will work in the policy holder’s favor in case his health deteriorates over time, as the insurer will be unable to downgrade or cancel the plan in such circumstances.

Then there is the ability to sell or cash in your policy. Don’t overlook the power of this flexibility. The whole point of life insurance is to provide blanket of financial protection to your loved ones, and this could be a need in life just as much as death. Understanding your options and the possible tax implications are important when deciding on a policy.

Cut Down Premiums by Making Three Lifestyle Changes

If you already have life insurance or any other type of medical insurance for seniors, chances are that you might be able to cut down on premiums when you renew the plan by making three lifestyle changes.

Understanding risk factors that apply specifically to the chosen policy and working to improve your health keeping those guidelines in mind can cut down your premiums by approximately 15% to 20% per term. This, however, will be a long-term contingency plan, and the results of this plan of action will be noticed after a year or more.

Few health risks that apply to most seniors above the age of 50 years include existing and potential health issues due to smoking, living a sedentary lifestyle, eating the wrong foods, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, not taking enough antioxidants and not consuming enough water.


The final consideration before you choose an insurer and policy should be, the financial rating of the selected insurer. The norm is that the higher the financial rating, the more assured your pay-outs will be when it is time for the insurer to roll out the benefits.

It should also be noted that while many providers might offer cheaper seniors life insurance plans, these providers might be run using automated systems that are devoid of the humanistic touch that many people need.

While the automated system can be seen as a time saving and affordable choice for insurers, this can be a disadvantage in certain complicated scenarios where the senior policyholder needs to speak to human and specific adjustments to the policy need to be made.

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