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How to Relieve Your Back Pain

A telescopic suitcase handle may help you in the first step

You may have noticed that some people suffer from back pain when traveling. That can somewhat ruin your mood in the journey. Actually, there are ways out of this problem.

Here is some advice for you guys.

Choose the luggage with the right handle

Luggage is a necessary item for a traveler. Have you ever thought that the process of pulling the luggage would have something to do with your back pain? Actually, you can find a way to let this process less exhausting.

Sometimes you may find the surface of the handle is rough so it’s uncomfortable for you to hold it in hand. When you encounter the handle which is a bit heavy,  it will take you more energy to pull it, lift it up or down, which will add the burden to your back.

Therefore, a right telescopic suitcase handle would be the remedy. Sunsen’s 9U07DD-D3, of which the surface adopts the technology of anodizing, is made from lighter materials. So being smooth and lighter is its shining points.

It’s born to reduce people’s tiredness when pulling the luggage.

Choosing a suitable carry-on for you

You probably have the experience of carrying the backpack with one shoulder. In this way, your spine will unevenly bear the weight, which is quite harmful to it. You are expected to choose a backpack which distributes weight evenly, reducing your hard feeling. If you have to carry a single-shoulder bag, you can switch it from one shoulder to the other regularly, preventing one side of your shoulder is overwhelmed. One more method is to tighten the straps so that the pack is close enough to your back.

Not overloading the backpack is also something you ought to keep in mind. If you don’t know if it’s overloaded, you can judge by seeing if your upper body is leaning forward to counterbalance the weight. Only when you stand in an upright position will the weight of the backpack be proper for you.

Pack things as less as possible.

Just imagine how painful it is to feel when dragging the luggage from the car to the airport or lift it up when in need. Will you pack extra items again? Some items such as several bottles of water, books, or brochures may not be necessary. Laying these things down means freeing your spine from too much exhaustion.

Carefully schedule your flights

For people traveling with trip back pain, flying is a hassle for them. Booking nonstop flights may help to some extent because you don’t have to move the belongings for many times, which is able to save your energy.

Deal with your stress

Emotional tension can somehow cause much back pain. Some people would even become anxious before the journey starts. Instead, what these people should do is trying to be relaxed.

For example, when in flight, listening to music or watching funny videos could soothe your emotion. Or just deep breathing and meditating can help a lot. Anyway, remember that managing your emotion status works for relieving some physical problems like back pain.

Be good to yourself

Upgrading your seat on a long flight is a good idea. The seat in the business class would definitely provide more comfort for your back.

In addition, a message is what you can also consider. Between flights, you can pay for chair massaging at the airport.

Besides, ice packs are pretty efficient for relieving the pain after the injury such as the strain. Just apply an ice pack wrapped in the towel to the back is quite helpful to ease the pain.

Meanwhile, cold can produce a numbing effect for sudden and intense back pain. Get a bag of ice or frozen vegetables covered with a cloth is available, but make sure the process should not exceed 20 mins.

Regardless of it’s hot or cold, you should pay attention to the skin and avoid it from being hurt.

To sum up, you can consider following the tips mentioned above. They can soothe your back pain more or less.

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