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Giving Sense to Your Interior. Vintage Collecting Tips

Looking for inspiration to renew your painfully familiar dismal interior? Vintage can become an option for you. Vintage clothes and accessories have already become trendy not only among greybeards, but they own the most outstanding fashion runways worldwide. Why not go further and make this nostalgic stylistics a part of your lifestyle by bringing it into your lovely home?

Let’s deepen into this subject and figure out what distinguishes the vintage home decor and how to learn to cherish the treasures of the past to create a real vintage masterpiece.

Interior. Vintage Collecting Tips

Materials And Colors 

Keep in mind that vintage can’t stand anything fake, that’s why among materials esteemed by vintage-lovers are natural soft goods, wood, textile, glass, porcelain, crystal ware, etc. As for furniture, fans of vintage interiors draw inspiration from antique boutiques and flea markets. A wooden dresser, a stool, an armchair which seem to have long been ordered to landfill, inherited from the grandmother’s chests ‒ do not rush to throw out all these things. After all, if necessary, they can always be restored. Give preference to the colorful decor of layers of paint, for example, multi-colored bed-cover, as well as to soft pastel colors like beige, grey, pink, light-green, and navy-blue. 


Nothing makes your interior more vintage than rich melodic slightly crackling sounding of your favorite vinyl records. I’m not going to suggest you find an old-fashioned doubtful-quality phonograph from the old attic. However, having a modern high-quality turntable on a wooden bedside table would definitely animate your interior and give a deep and warm sound that you cannot achieve when listening to mp3 files on a laptop. Besides, the process of playing records, physical contact with the player and vinyl is a great relaxing ritual for your daily routine. If you need some advice, you may turn to the site Helptochoose where you can choose the best amplifier for turntable.

Old-fashioned Stuff 

The interior in vintage style is filled with antiquities and is characterized by slight negligence, so an abandoned blanket may be appropriate here, a guitar as if somebody has left it by chance. This may be a mirror in a shabby frame, a collage of empty photo frames, a crystal chandelier and paintings, an embroidered napkin, clocks, statues of old green copper, cracked wooden surfaces of tables, turntables for vinyl records. No boundaries here in collecting some old blast from the past.

Cherish Your Treasures 

Common rule that you shouldn’t break under any pretext is to appreciate every little item you get. Don’t be in a hurry because this kind of style in the interior is formed step by step. One thing can be found in the market, another – in the store, the third one can be taken from friends.

Over time, the interior scene will become harmonious and complete. Nothing can be done in one day. By the way, vintage also implies an abundance of various cute little things which can’t be obtained quickly. Listen to your intuition and create with imagination.

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