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The Secret of Bespoke Software

Most people are opting for bespoke software compared to off-the-shelf software recently, and the trend is projected to continue along the same lines. So, the question is: why is bespoke software becoming so popular? What’s the secret that makes so many companies willing to spend extra money on them? Why have many excellent software development companies in the UK and the West started to exclusively offer bespoke software? These are all questions we’ll try to address in this article.

Secret of Bespoke Software


The one advantage that bespoke software has over off-the-shelf solutions is flexibility.

While it is true that most companies create off-the-shelf software with a broad range of uses in mind, It’s in their interest to target as broad a client base as possible, and they won’t be shy about implementing functions just to appeal to some of them. The functions are too broad without being too specific. That’s why you’ll inevitably run into areas of your business where the off-the-shelf software is completely useless.

A bespoke program is a completely different beast. The company you commission to create the software doesn’t have any incentives to create bloated software full of useless features. Rather, they’d want to create a program that answers to your particular needs and your business’s requirement. This means that the software is as flexible as your requirements allow, and if you have enough foresight for the future of your business, you can create software that answers to all your needs for years to come.


How important is the performance to your business and the bottom line? Do you think your business will suffer and your profit margin stagnate if your performance doesn’t match your competition? How would you think your client base will respond if your service is markedly slower than your competition?

Every business owner knows the answer to these questions. You don’t need an MBA to know that you have to streamline the process as much as possible for the end user. Aside from some choice markets, most businesses thrive or stagnate based on how easy-to-use their services are.

That’s where the greatest schism between off-the-shelf software and bespoke software lies. Due to the fact that bespoke software is created specifically for your business and niche, the developers, if competent, can make various optimizations and focus on the processes and functions most important to your business. This means the application will be much more efficient, the crucial processes will be handled better, and there won’t be irrelevant functions bogging down the software. If you want the best possible application for your business, you must go bespoke.

Secret of Bespoke Software


The software alone isn’t the end-all and be-all of all measurements. One very relevant but overlooked criterion when it comes to getting a software package is the support that comes with said software. A company like Neadoo Digital SEO agency is known for their excellent support, and you should make sure the company you’re doing business with doesn’t shy away from providing good support.

Most off-the-shelf software providers give you standard support with the software, and this support is often superficial, and it isn’t relevant to your business at all. While there are some companies that provide excellent support, you must expect lacklustre support if you are going the off-the-shelf route.

On the other hand, if you choose a software company that has relevant experience in your sector and promises excellent support, you should expect the service to be better than the competition by leaps and bounds. As the company has done business in your sector, this means their support will be more effective and answer to your needs much faster. If the software is central to your business, you need excellent support, and you won’t be able to afford slowdowns due to a lack of support. That’s why if the application is crucial to your business (and it is to most), you must invest in support.

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