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How To Receive Donations Online

Donorbox – Fundraising Software for Nonprofits

Technology has advanced and the complicated things have been made simple. Work can be done faster and with minimum cost. You can receive money from all over the world in a safe and effective manner. Technology has also made it easy for digital fundraising which means to accept donations online is a must for everyone.

Receive Donations Online

When you can accept donations online, you widen a world of opportunities via platforms such as WordPress Donation Plugin, mobile giving, crowdfunding channels and more. For your nonprofit to be successful, you need to have a convenient, fast and safe online donation method.  However, you need to choose the right online donation means.

In this post, we will share some of the options you can choose from for your online donations. You can enable One-Click Donate for your donors on your website. We hope you will be able to select the right channel after reading this post.

Let’s get started.

Why receive donations online?

Many nonprofits haven’t yet considered accepting online donations because they haven’t understood it; however, some of them are not sure which channel to do it. Nevertheless, those who know how to do it are still debating whether to accept donations online or not.

There has been a buzz from many people about why nonprofits should or shouldn’t accept donations online. What’s most important is to follow your guts. Note that it might have worked to someone and yet fail to work on you. But when it doesn’t bear fruits, you can stop doing it and think of other means.

Is online donation effective?

It will depend on what other means you are comparing it to; however, a donation of $5 made online means you have $5 in your pocket. What we must let you know is that accepting online donations is effective. Some channels can get you more donations than others which means that some are relatively effective than others; however, they are all effective.

It is important to understand that the donations you receive are dependently on the information you provide, the usefulness of the information and also the type of people who access your site/donation channel.

Continue reading to understand the Donorbox Fundraising software for nonprofits.

Donorbox is a donation form and a WordPress plugin that is created to make donors and supporters capable of making fast recurring donations with easy-to-follow steps. The good thing about this form/plugin is that it can be attached on organizations websites or be embedded as a popup widget.

With Donorbox, you can accept donations without paying, especially if you get less than $1k donations per month. You don’t pay to setup Donorbox. Once you start getting more than $1k per month, it’s when you can start paying a fee. The platform fee is 0.89% of the month’s donations which is cheaper compared to other platforms that charge 2 to 5 % and even more. So, if you are a nonprofit just starting, Donorbox is the best choice for you.


There you have it. We hope the information we have presented here will help you accept online donations. Note that there are many other benefits you will get from using Donorbox fundraising software.

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