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How the Pandemic Break Made Online Practice Popular?

In the past year since the pandemic began, VetMatrix has seen an increase of work from home, with online transactions and practices as a form of work and communication.

Pandemic Break Made Online Practice Popular

As countries roll out their respective vaccination programs, it may take some other people time before they go back outside to work and resume their normal lives. They have since relied on technology to do their usual activities. Here are some observations of the online practices in the past months.

  1. Children are forced to go e-learning. Online learning is an advantage but not everyone will agree that e-learning is for all. One of the most affected by the pandemic is the children, whose education is a mix of physical and classroom activities. Some counties like the United States are able to adjust to it but not everyone in the world is ready.

On the other hand, e-learning became an advantage for those who are working and studying at the same time. Again though, e-learning is not everyone.  After all, nothing is better than interacting face to face with your teachers, friends, and classmates.

  1. There is a demand for online payments. Paying bills online is not relatively new in the past years. But because of the pandemic and the social distancing, a lot of establishments encourage their customers to make payments online or through mobile apps.
  1. The rise of Zoom, and communication platforms. Before the pandemic, official meetings were done face to face. But after that, communicating with people has changed. Aside from mobile phones and emails, the use of communication platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Webex, and Google Hangouts have risen.

The advantage of having these platforms is that one can record the whole meeting. But let’s admit, there’s nothing better than giving your thoughts with your colleagues face to face.

  1. The news and entertainment industry has shifted its direction online. Television is still one of the main sources for information. But the past year has also seen both the news and entertainment industry shift its storytelling online. Streaming platforms have been busy non-stop in airing, creating, producing, and showing stories.

Netflix, one of the biggest online movie and TV streaming platforms has not only gotten rights to popular films but has also been creating projects. Other platforms such as HBO, Apple TV, and Disney+ have joined the market to showcase their shows to audiences.

TV stations have also made use of the power of online, broadcasting its news and shows on their own platforms and the likes of YouTube and Vimeo.

  1. Many companies have enforced the work from home system. Because of social distancing, companies had no choice but tell their workers to bring work at home. This has become challenging for many people, since they prefer to leave their tasks at the office and spend time with their families without any interruption.

But there are companies that thrived online. Today, there are many jobs people can do online. This includes content writing, virtual assistance, and social media management.

The pandemic has changed how we interact, work, and do our daily lives. We are hoping for the day that things will be okay and resume our lives without being afraid.

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