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Ukrainian IT Companies

Why do customers prefer outsourcing to Ukraine? It helps to save up to 60% of costs. Prices here are attractive for customers from Europe, the USA, and other parts of the world. Software developers from Ukrainian IT companies have deep expertise that is enough to build top-notch products. At the same time, there are also many other reasons that help the IT-sphere in Ukraine to prosper:

  • Qualitative high education in tech universities of Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, etc. The total number of IT specialists reaches 180 000 (source: GlobalLogic).
  • Stable Internet connection.
  • The possibility of natural disasters is minimal, tornado, tsunami, or earthquakes are unlikely to happen here. It’s related to the location of the country.
  • High level of spoken and written English is proved by team leaders and managers who work in the industry.

Average IT company in Ukraine

Let’s consider the main Ukraine-based firms whose offices are represented in Lviv. After that, we’ll try to find out what constitutes the average IT company in Ukraine.

List of the biggest IT companies in Ukraine with offices in Lviv

  1. EPAM.

An international firm EPAM with offices in Europe, America, Australia, and Asia develops global products and digital platforms. The company was founded 27 years ago. Due to, the staff of EPAM in Ukraine consists of 8300 employees.

  1. SoftServe.

Another giant of the IT industry from Ukraine with 7193 employees is SoftServe. Technical specialists from Softserve know a wide stack of technologies. Teams work on the implementation of big projects, paying attention to customer’s needs, intelligent management, and engineering.

  1. GlobalLogic.

The Ukrainian team of GlobalLogic consists of almost 4900 workers. There are 4610 technical specialists among them. GlobalLogic works on digital products. Projects of the company that are developed in Ukraine related to R&D. Most of them are useful for such niches as communications, automotive, healthcare, technologies, media & entertainment, and industry.

IT company Ukraine

  1. Infopulse.

This company specializes in building IT systems for telecom infrastructure. Totally, staff in Ukrainian offices consists of nearly 2000 employees, 1790 of them are technical specialists. Main customers are big companies with long-term projects.

  1. Ciklum.

The company was founded in 2002. Offices are opened in different countries of Europe, America, and Asia. There are a lot of famous companies among Ciklum’s clients, namely: Flixbus, Mercedes Pay, Just Eat, etc. Ciklum has 2692 employees in Ukraine.

  1. DataArt.

The firm that works in the area of software development consists of 1900 employees who have enough experience to build products for popular industries – from finance to gaming and media. The revenue that DataArt received in 2019 exceeds 155 million dollars.

  1. ZONE3000.

The company was established in 1999. The wealth of experience and a big team that consists of 1600 employees help it to build modern programming products. After projects are implemented ZONE3000 provides technical support.

  1. ELEKS.

ELEKS is another IT company that Ukraine can be proud of. The private firm has been working since 1991. At the first time, ELEKS specialized in developing its own programming products for the electric power sector. The company’s services have been expanded. Nowadays, ELEKS works with the biggest companies in the world. For example, Windows, IBM, and Intel. There are more than 1500 employees here.

  1. Intellias.

It’s a bright example of a successful Ukrainian IT company that offers improved conditions for employees. They appreciate these conditions. It is confirmed by independent polls. The main office that is located in Lviv has been working since 2002. The main specializations of Intellias include such industries as automotive, financial technologies, and navigation systems. The staff of Intellias consists of 1510 employees.

  1. Sigma Software.

The Swedish-Ukrainian company works in areas of software development and IT consulting. Among its specializations, you will find different areas, namely: gaming industry, aviation, automotive industry. Also, Sigma Software invests in its own startups in cybersecurity and other areas. There are 1083 employees in the company that work from Ukrainian offices one of which is located in Lviv.

  1. Lohika.

The company was founded in 2001. Nowadays, it consists of 1036 employees and six offices, one of which is located in Lviv. Lohika works on services for different areas. Among customers, you can find both VC-backed companies and startups.

  1. N-iX.

The Ukrainian IT company was well-known as a startup in 2002 that developed apps for Linux. After that, the re-branding was made. N-iX built partnerships with big companies. For example, OpenText and Lebara. Totally, there are 1030 employees in the firm. The separate department of N-iX works on game development. Also, the company takes part in the developing and financing Lviv IT cluster.

  1. Plarium.

Most people associate this firm with the game industry. It’s true, Plarium develops mobile and bowser games for players all over the world. The range includes games of different genres – from RPG to puzzles.

Plarium has been working in the industry since 2009. The staff consists of 1400 employees. Developers work in offices in Ukraine, the USA, and other countries.

Ukrainian software developer

  1. lSD Ltd.

This company was founded in Ukraine in 1993. The team consists of 749 employees. They specialize in developing products for healthcare. The solutions provided by lSD Ltd are used in laboratories and hospitals.

  1. AMC Bridge.

The company specializes in building systems for projecting, constructing, and manufacturing that are used in a variety of industries:

  • Building.
  • Architecture.
  • Mechanical Engineering.
  • Aviation.
  • Robotic Technology.

The staff of AMC Bridge consists of 703 employees. The company was repeatedly awarded as one of the most dynamically developed companies.

  1. Gameloft.

The company that is related to game production has been working in the area for 20 years. The staff of Gameloft consists of 700 employees. The main sphere of its activity is creating games for digital platforms that are distributed in more than 100 countries all over the world.

  1. GeeksForLess Inc.

The Ukrainian software development company has been successfully working in the area for 17 years. GeeksForLess Inc provides services for start-ups, middle-sized companies, and big enterprises. The staff of the company consists of 690 employees.

  1. WiX.

International cloud service for building websites is popular all over the world. All websites that can be created with WiX are simple for building with drag-and-drop instruments. Ukrainian offices consist of 619 employees.

  1. Svitla Systems.

An American company Svitla Systems has been working in the area of development and testing software during the last 17 years. The firm works in various areas – from cloud and web solutions to e-commerce, machine learning, website development, etc. The staff of Ukrainian offices consists of 615 employees.

  1. Murka Games.

The famous European game developer works mainly on social casino games. Developers of the team are truly creative and able to mix game genres. The company was created as a startup 10 years ago and has already become a serious player in the global market. The staff of Murka Games consists of 505 employees. Developers use such a wide stack of technologies:

  •  Unity.
  • Own BI system.
  • Python.
  • Go Lang frameworks.
  1. Avenga.

The staff of Avenga consists of 503 employees. The company is founded in 2019 after the merging of 4 IT firms. The scope of work includes software development, engineering, and consulting. The offices of the company are located not only in Ukraine but also in other European, Asian, and American countries.

  1. Oracle.

This company provides clients with reliable cloud infrastructure and applications. The number of staff in Ukrainian offices is about 500 employees. Oracle provides startups with literate solutions that help them to scale and prosper.

  1. Daxx.

The company from the Netherlands that works in the area of software development was founded nearly 20 years ago. The total number of employees is 452. Daxx provides clients with such services as testing, consulting, and QC. With the help of Daxx international companies prefer to build remote teams of developers in Ukraine.

  1. Conscensia.

Ukrainian engineers who work in a software development company from Denmark specializes in programming within .NET, Java, Python, Javascript, Android/iOS, etc. They prepare solutions and products for such areas as finance, digital marketing, healthcare, navigation, and the gas industry.

  1. Grid Dynamics.

The company provides clients with solutions that are related to data science and engineering. Totally, it consists of 10 offices in different parts of Europe and America. Grid Dynamics cooperates with companies that work in such sectors as finance, e-commerce, and tech.

Note that not every IT company from the list above is Ukrainian: some of them just have big offices in the country.    

Middle and little Ukrainian IT companies with offices in Lviv

Lviv IT Cluster works in the city. Community brings together representatives of companies that have different sizes and scales, including specialists from middle and little Ukrainian firms. The list of such companies is very wide:

  • Techmagic.
  •  Binary Studio.
  • KindGeek.
  • Blackthorn Vision.
  • SolidBrain.
  • Leona Tech.
  • Yozma.Tech.
  •  Fillin.
  • Codee.
  • GStuff.
  • Redentu.
  • Lvivity.
  • AgiliWay Group.
  •  Softonix.
  • CyberCraft.

In addition to the above-mentioned, there are several dozen other companies. As a rule, they have narrower specialization and choose a few directions. The smallest are web studios that make corporate web-sites, visiting card websites, online stores, etc.

We strive for sustainability and progress in the industry! For CyberCraft, it’s a great pleasure to be among the best IT companies in Ukraine and join forces for industry prosperity.

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