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How to Prepare for Fact Based Chemistry Questions in BITSAT?

Factual questions, to begin with, require fact-based answers where only one answer is correct and that can be verified by referring to the text or other learning material. Such questions do not involve personal feelings or opinions, and every response has a supporting evidence. For the factual questions of Chemistry asked in BITSAT 2017, you should go through the NCERT book first of all. Missing anything form the NCERT book is unaffordable while dealing with chemistry in BITSAT 2017. Basically, chemistry section of BITSAT can be divided in 3 parts i.e. organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and physical chemistry.

Questions are formed from these three stems of chemistry, they could be factual in nature as well. You can expect questions based on topics like chemical bonding, atomic structure, p-block elements, mole concepts, bio-molecules, electro-chemistry, chemical thermodynamics, and alkanes. In total 40 questions of chemistry are asked in BITSAT 2017. Out of those 40 questions, approximately 15 questions are factual questions.

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How to tackle 3 parts of chemistry?

  • Organic Chemistry
    For this part of chemistry, one needs to have a strong hold over general organic chemistry and isomerism. Notes about all the possible reactions, as per BITSAT 2017 Syllabus, should be noted with you. Along with that you must have the basic knowledge about mechanisms. There might be few questions from those chapters which you consider relatively insignificant. So, you are advised to go through thoroughly from almost everything.
  • Inorganic Chemistry
    Inorganic chemistry is vast and so it is not smart to go through everything in this section. NCERT books should be consulted without a doubt here. Moreover, to fight with inorganic chemistry you can make your own notes and strictly stick to them.
  • Physical Chemistry
    This section of physical chemistry basically deals with numerical questions with fairly simple factual questions. With physical chemistry, you must try to focus more on practicing all possible variants of numerical questions. Factual questions should also be prepared by practicing only. Practice such questions on day to day basis. Your facts should be very clear to deal with such factual questions of chemistry in BITSAT. NCERT can help you a great deal to tackle such questions

How to prepare?

To crack BITSAT Chemistry all you need to do is to master NCERT and follow the given things:

  • Concentrate on specific areas
    In BITSAT, your intelligence is not tested through tricky questions. While dealing with the factual chemistry questions in BITSAT 2017, all you need is crystal clear concepts from NCERT. And so, you need not the bury yourself in number of other books. Focus only on a few key areas of Chemistry like Ionic Equilibrium, Chemical Equilibrium and Gas Laws. However, you can also go through from other topics as well but not with such depth. Knowledge of each topic listed in BITSAT Syllabus is important but there are few topics that should be given priority over others
  • Check last year questions
    Last year questions are always beneficial, as they can give an idea about what you are dealing with. You can get an idea about what type of factual questions you have to prepare and practice. So, this basically saves your time as, you do not have to practice for each and every possible kind of factual questions. Instead just go for the types which are asked before in BITSAT 2017. Moreover, there are always a chance that you can get a same question from last year
  • Online Tests
    There are number of online tests available which you can go through. Online Test gives you a live feeling as if you are actually sitting in the exam and that helps you in testing your actual performance under the pressure of time. In BITSAT, the speed at which you can solve the problems is most important factor and should be given priority. BITSAT 2017 is an online exam and so taking online tests can help you a great deal to get a first-hand experience of the questions and time tricks you will have to face on the doom day
  • Complete knowledge of syllabus
    You must know each and every topic mentioned in the BITSAT 2017 Syllabus. Without the complete knowledge of all the topics that are included in syllabus, there is always a chance that you might skip one or two important topics and that can cost you marks. Syllabus for Chemistry of BITSAT 2017 is however similar to that of JEE, but you have to know the BITSAT syllabus inside out. You should try to cover at least the basics of each topic mentioned in the syllabus so that you don’t sit with a blank mind while facing any question that pops up in BITSAT Online Test. Knowledge of basics can help you to deal with any kind of question even if you have never faced such type of question ever before
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