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Top 5 Factors to Consider Before Buying Expired Domains

When looking to set up an online business or to establish an online presence for your business, the first step is finding a domain name and a web host. A domain name is the skeleton of your business and the determiner of your brand. The world will know about your business by the name you choose and the best way to reach the masses isby picking a domain name that already has traffic.

An expired business name with a high rank on MozRank or Majestic SEO will boost your business. As a result of the established links, you will find that the expired domains are the best. Despite the benefits of the expired domains, you should be cautious with the name you choose. The following considerations should be put forward before buying the expired domain:

Before Buying Expired Domains

  1. The DA/PA of the domain name

The domain name of your business will increase traffic to your website only if the expired domain name has a high Page Authority or Domain Authority.

PA determines the ranking of your website’s home page while the DA determines the ranking and the power of your business’ entire website. A good expired domain name has a DA of at least 25.

  1. Check Google’s AdSense ban

Buying expired domain names shouldn’t be done if you are inexperienced. Rather than getting it all wrong, you should get an expert who understands the whole domain business and will be able to pick the best domain name for your business.

With hundreds of expired domain names banned on Google AdSense, you’ll have to be extra cautious. To make money online, Google AdSense of a domain name should be active. The Google AdSense is your money making tool online. Juicy Domains are managed by the experts and all their expired domains have been verified for your use. The AdSense Sandbox Checker will help you to find out if the domain name is banned or not.

  1. Check Google’s ban checker

Besides being banned on the Google AdSense page, the domain name chosen could be banned by Google. A domain name with a high DA/PA, but one that is banned by Google is or other search engines, is useless to you.

Domain names get banned for having many spam links or not following the terms and conditions of service. To be safe, you should ensure that you re-check the domain name on the Google banned Checker to avoid buying a useless domain.

  1. Archive of the previous website

However high a domain name is ranked, check the website archive that ran with the domain name to determine what kind of business ran on the previous website.

Check Archive online then input the domain name to know the business previously running under the expired name. This will give you all the information on how the website performed in the past and you may get some activity as well.

  1. Is the page rank accurate?

First, note that the Google Page Rank is no longer a way of ranking website and domain names. Therefore, you should recheck the ranking on Moz or SEMrush for the right information about the domain name.

In conclusion, carry out thorough due diligence on the expired domain name before paying for it.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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