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How to Play Fall Guys: All That You Need to Know

Falls Guys recently became a free-to-play game. Fortnite’s developers Epic Games bought the original developers of the game, Mediatonic and made the game available for everyone. The game is very much inspired by the Japanese game show, Takeshi’s Castle and once you start playing the game you will see many elements taken in from the famous game show. The game may or may not have been inspired by Takeshi’s Castle, but absolutely gives the same amount of joy if not more.

How to Play Fall Guys

One of the best things about the game is that Epic Games upgraded it by making it cross-platform compatible giving the players a chance to play with their friends who own a different console. If you are facing a problem playing the game with a player who is on a different console, we have a section dedicated to it. Read it to activate cross-platform gaming. For now, for those who are new to the game, let us get them to How to Play Fall Guys!

What is Fall Guys

In the era when AAA games are coming to market every weekend and still get bombed on the gaming charts, Fall Guys is one of the easiest games you will ever play in your lifetime. The colourful, bean-shaped characters in Fall Guys are your avatar in the game. You can head over to JoystixHQ to find cheat codes of Fall guys. You can utilise these codes to progress in the game.

Through a series of mini-games, your aim is to reach the final line. Sixty players join the first game and you are one among them, out of which almost forty make the next round. You will have to cross multiple levels and your goal in each of them should be to reach the finish line before anyone else does, at least don’t be the last one, because that is one of getting eliminated.

The second way of getting eliminated in fall guys is if your character falls down in the slime (You are dead :P). So let us teach you how not to get eliminated and how to play fall guys.

How to Play Fall Guys

The game is fairly simple and we are sure that it won’t take even the noobest of the players more than a few tries in the game to learn the overall working of the game. The game is known for its simple gameplay and there are only a number of actions you can perform in the game, which we have mentioned below. Once you learn how to do them, all you have to do is practise and improve your hand-eye coordination to beat the fifty-nine beans that are rolling in for the final line!

How to Move in Fall Guys

As we have already told you, the game is as basic as it can get. Fall Guys is exactly opposite to what Prince of Persia was when it came to complex movements. All there is to do is move in one particular direction in the game i.e. towards the finish line.

If you are playing the game on a PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch use the left analogue stick to move your player around. Use the WASD keys to move your character in each direction respectively. Yeah, it is just that.


Jumping is the most important thing to learn if you really want to win the game. You will have to jump to cross hurdles, bridges, gaps and so much more. If you want to dive, you first need to jump, which makes it even more important to the game.

If you are on a PlayStation, to jump you will have to press the X button, on a Nintendo Switch press the Y button to jump, on an Xbox press the A button to make your character jump and on a PC you will have to press the spacebar to get the same effect.


Dive is an element which not all the players who have been playing the game for quite a time know. A dive will give you an additional boost that can help you reach the finish line a few milliseconds quicker which might make you win the race. Diving can also help you cover the gaps more efficiently if you have not timed your jump well enough.

If you are playing Fall Guys on a PlayStation, you have to press the square button to dive, on the Nintendo press the Y button, for Xbox the X button and if you are on a PC, you will have to press the CTRL button to dive.

Note- If you want to make your character dive, you will have to already be in the air to perform the action. This means that you should press the dive button exactly when you are in mid-air to make a perfectly efficient dive.


It is very easy to know how to play fall guys, but if you know some simple tricks you will be able to place yourselves ahead of your peers. Grab is one such thing. If you grab any opponent, you might be able to delay their progress for a few seconds which can be used to your team’s benefit if the move is used properly.

To grab while playing Fall Guys on a PlayStation, use the R2 switch. On a Nintendo, you will have to press the ZR buttons, while on an Xbox the RT works and on a PC the shift button will do the trick.


Not all, but there are some levels where your character will have to perform a climbing action in order to proceed.

To climb in Fall Guys you need to hold the grab button, which is R2 on a PlayStation, ZR on a switch, RT on Xbox and Shift on a PC. Once you have latched on you will have to perform the jump action to make the climb.

Climbing is probably the trickiest (yet easy) action to perform in Fall Guys and might take some practice before you can perform it in one go.

Note that you won’t be able to climb any of the surfaces that have white stripes on them.


Honestly, there isn’t much to know if you are looking at How to play fall guys. There are in total 81 different rounds in Fall Guys that include 32 Races, 10 Survival, 12 hunts, 12 Teams, 2 Logic, 1 Invisibeans and 12 Finals.

All of these rounds will make you use the same set of techniques in a different way and once you know what to do, where to do, how to play fall guys will look like a very simple question to you.

The game is peaking its popularity and chances are that is going to get even more popular which can put the online working of the game to the test at times. So, if you are facing issues getting the game online, you can check is fall guys down here.

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