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Top 5 Online Games to Play in 2021

Online gaming has reached new heights in 2021. It has constantly been growing in the last several years, successfully substituting the good old single-player titles on popular consoles like Xboxes, Playstations, or Nintendos. You can, of course, still play all of your favorite single-player titles across bountiful consoles (including PCs), but the thrill will never be the same because of the new options at our disposal.

Top 5 Online Games to Play in 2021

Online games have completely stolen the show and they currently represent by far the most popular entertainment options for people from all over the globe. To be fair, such a situation in the gaming industry should by no means surprise us. After all, it is in our nature to compete with others and we all fancy beating our mates more than beating computer bots.

This, compared with the rapid expansion of the mobile gaming industry, has resulted in an immense increase of online gaming as a niche. If you are wondering what are the most engaging online games available in 2021, stay tuned and enjoy the following list which has been put together by the Esports betting tips experts are UK site Bettingtips4you.

1 – PUBG

Survival and battle royale games have conquered the world by storm in the last decade. In the sea of such gaming variants, two stand out and we have to place them at the top two spots in this list. They are all very similar in theory, but PUBG takes the prime in terms of gameplay and the overall experience you get while battling the other players in an attempt to remain the only survivor.

PUBG attract by far the widest range of players worldwide. It is the only online game with more than 1 billion players across the globe in 2021. For the sake of comparison, the second-placed Fortnite counts “only” 350 million players in 2021. But why is PUBG so dominant? The main reason is the super-realistic graphics. Its battle royale mode allows you to get the ultimate experience through the top-notch gameplay en route to the chicken dinner in a last-man-standing match.

2 – Fortnite

Most of what was said for PUBG works identically with Fortnite. It is another battle royale game with a last-man-standing principle. The main difference between the two games is the fact that Fortnite is actually not exclusively about guns and fight (like PUBG). Instead, it offers you a much wider set of options. You can beat your enemies by building different elements such as stairs or walls which would protect you and eventually make all the difference in your way to victory.

Fortnite offers the players four distinct modes, meaning there is something suited for everyone’s wishes and needs. A wide range of players can select between Battle Royale, Creative, Party Royale, and Save the World modes. While this concept keeps Fortnite pretty much unique in the niche, it also puts certain people away because many players actually only want to focus on fights, weapons, and kills rather than building elements.

3 – League of Legends

The good old LOL used to be at the very top of all gaming lists before the emergence of the above-mentioned battle royale titles. However, it still has a fantastic audience and more than 110 million active players in 2021. This multiplayer gem was developed and published by Riot Games who wanted to create a standalone platform for the genre presented by Warcraft III.

The game allows the players to create two teams of five. The teams then go one-on-one in an attempt to defend their side of the map. Each of the five players actually has its own character (champion) with distinct strengths and vulnerabilities, as well as the playing style. The fact that every player gets to choose their champion makes everyone engaged, yet at the same time forcing them to communicate with teammates and develop interactive skills.

4 – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Speaking of the older gems, we just can’t forget Counter-Strike. Much like League of Legends, Counter-Strike used to dominate the playing fields even before the rapid expansion of the Internet in countries from all over the planet. While we’ve had the chance to witness several successful Counter-Strike installments, the Global Offensive version emerged as by far the most popular among the crowd.

The main theme of the game is shooting. The players are divided into two teams, Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. In the most popular mode, the Terrorists need to plant a bomb, while the job of Counter-Terrorists is to prevent them from doing so.

5 – Minecraft

Last but not least, it is the most popular sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios. Minecraft is the best-selling video game in the history of the industry. Unlike all of the above-mentioned titles, Minecraft has no objectives or goals you need to fulfill to succeed. As a player, you can do whatever you want.

The players find this quite appealing as such an authority gives them plenty of in-game options and different variants. The game can be played from a first and third-person perspective. You can choose between five distinct game modes, including Creative, Survival, Adventure, Hardcore, and Spectator.

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