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How To Improve Work Efficiency With Java

The history of spreadsheets dates back to 1969 when the world saw LANPAR, the very first digital data grid. It revolutionized data visualization and manipulation and was followed by numerous ever-improving solutions. Today, you can deploy a personalized spreadsheet in your own application. This article will show you how to do it most effectively.

How To Improve Work Efficiency With Java

Going for Third-Party JavaScript Data Grid

At first glance, building a JavaScript data grid from scratch does not appear to be a challenging task for an experienced programmer. Yet, it is so only for the most basic spreadsheets, which are usually not enough for apps aiming to support modern enterprises.

Creating spreadsheet functionality will require time and financial resources, which in turn will delay the benefits coming with the tool implementation for more efficient work. Additionally, even the most skilled developer teams tend to overrun their projects. According to the Harvard Business Review study, one out of ten IT projects outgrows the initial budget and goes beyond the timeframe by 70%. Although it is an extreme number, albeit not rare, the average scale of overrunning reaches 27%, which still means unnecessary costs.

Moreover, you should consider the effort required for maintenance, which will be completely on your side if you decide to develop your own data grid.

Tips for Choosing Right JavaScript Spreadsheet

Despite the fact you will have to invest in the license for using a third-party JavaScript spreadsheet, it is a more cost-effective option considering the disadvantages of designing and developing such a tool on your own. Of course, to gain more with a third-party tool, it is necessary to make a careful decision.

To choose the right data grid, make sure it can be used with your application in the first place. Check its functionality for displaying and manipulating data while keeping in mind the importance of robust performance under a heavy load. Even if your digital platform is planned for more modest data sets, scalability will help you to avoid trouble in the future.

Pay attention to the features for calculation provided by a JavaScript data grid. The basic functionality includes data presentation, whereas calculation is offered by more complex products.

Finally, to avoid additional costs generated by any issues with your spreadsheet API, choose the option with support and plentiful documentation.

The best JS spreadsheet by Handsontable

If you are looking for an API meeting all of the criteria discussed above, you can try the spreadsheet offered by Handsontable, the team that also has built the fantastic HyperFormula calculating tool to enhance the functionality of their data grid.

Powerful processing of big data, high customization, seamless integration with JavaScript, Angular, React and Vue applications as well as vast educational resources and auspicious licensing conditions are only some of the benefits you will gain with the Handsontable spreadsheet. Check the best JS spreadsheet by Handsontable!.

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