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A Tech-Driven Industry: Five Trends Used For Mobile Sports Betting

There’s no doubt that the online gambling industry has grown at a tremendous rate since the introduction of mobile betting. A few decades ago, many wouldn’t have imagined that you could place a sports wager without visiting a bookie shop. While that was the norm, the rise of mobile betting has forever transformed the online sports betting industry by allowing punters to place wagers in real-time from anywhere.

Five Trends Used For Mobile Sports Betting

Smartphones seem to have changed the sports betting industry significantly, with various studies suggesting they’ve prompted the relaxation of betting regulations in some jurisdictions. Here are five trends that are used in the mobile sports betting industry today.

Mobile sports betting apps

The introduction of mobile sports betting apps, like the Betway app, is one of the greatest tech trends that’s still influencing the market. Years before the rise of smartphones in the mass market, people used to visit betting shops to place wagers, which limited the possibility of live betting.

Betting apps have brought the sports betting market to the users’ fingertips, which has increased global betting revenue. For instance, most people in the current betting market would prefer to wager using a betting app instead of visiting a betting shop, even if the odds offered remain constant.

That’s why sports betting operators like Betway are constantly improving the user interface to make the experience as seamless as possible.

Live streaming

Live streaming is a major tech trend that’s influencing the mobile sports betting market. Years ago, you wouldn’t have assumed that live games would be readily available on smartphones through bookies’ websites. With the rise of 5G and 4G networks, live streaming has improved significantly as these connection options have reduced buffering when broadcasting matches.

Live betting

The accessibility of smartphones has supported sports betting in real time. In recent years, the sports gambling industry has witnessed many changes in how punters interact with the gambling markets. That’s mirrored by the rise in the number of players engaging in in-play betting worldwide.

Virtual sports

Virtual sports have exploded in popularity thanks to the rise of smartphone technology and internet penetration. Most players are embracing virtual sports for their fast-paced nature and the availability of thousands of betting markets.

With virtual sports, punters don’t need to wait for 90 minutes to get the results of their wagers. For instance, virtual dog racing events take less than 2 minutes to complete, which gives players instant gratification. That’s why virtual sports betting apps have become so popular in recent years.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is another tech trend helping mobile sports betting operators attract millions of tech enthusiasts globally. With the introduction of virtual reality for simulated sports and live games, more people are getting curious about the whole betting experience.

VR is also highly used in the online casino sector to play different traditional gambling games. Today, there are amazing designs on virtual reality betting sites that make the experience seem as real as possible.

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