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How to Find a PG In Pune That Meet Your Needs

 Shifting to a PG might seem like a daunting task initially, the fear of leaving your house keeps looming around your head. Well, that is a very common feeling amongst the newbies. As they are about to step out of their comfort zone, and the pressure of dealing with the novelties of the world all alone might scare them a bit.


A cluster of people migrate to the city of Pune every year, to give wings to their future. People usually find themselves a PG to stay in the city, since there’s no point of staying in hotels for longer periods. Moreover, people don’t prefer buying property there, unless they are planning to live there permanently. So, in those matters, PG type accommodation is the best fit for the migrants.

Let’s have a look into how to find the best PG in Pune.

  • Where to Find a Good PG in Pune?

Pune is a big city in size and is one of the happening ones. List down some areas in the city that you’d want to live in and select the area that fits all your needs. Kothrud, Dhankewadi, etc are some good areas in the vicinity. The area selected should be near to your workplace or educational institute, so that you don’t have to travel much. As the former would also affect your budget. Also, keep in mind that the area you select should be well connected to the hospital, market, public transport, etc. so, that in the hour of need you don’t have to wait for help to arrive. Well, managed accommodation providers like Stanza Living have some amazing properties in Pune. They are affordable and well furnished, you can check them out online.

  • What type of PGs should you take on rent?

Here comes the question of utmost importance! What kind of house do you want? There are people who can adjust well in a room with a couple of other people and can stay in a house which can just fulfill basic necessities. On the other hand, there are people who need an entire room to themselves, a well-furnished house, equipped with everything high-tech, etc. Well, that is a completely personal choice. The type of house you want, the amenities you want in it will be the deciding factor of your rent amount.

Make a list of the things you want to be included in the agreement. As in, what all amenities you want to be there in the house if you want to share a room or not, and of course crosscheck if it’s fitting your budget. If yes then kudos! If not, then check the list and see what you can alter.

  • How to search for a PG from your location?

Now, the ‘where’ and ‘what’ factors are decided. Let’s move on to the last step that is how to go about searching for a best co-living spaces in Pune? After finalizing where do you want to put up and what type of house you want to reside in, the question arises how are we going to find such kind of a house.

Well, gone are the days, when people used to visit door to door to check the house. Now, the managed accommodation providers are there at your service! They help you find your perfect fit. They have many properties to checkout from, one can check them online and shortlist some, after that you should hop over for a quick visit, meet their teams to get all your queries answered, get reviews from residents. You can easily do all these without the need of a broker.

After following these three steps, voila, now you are ready to move into your PG in Pune!

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