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How Is Tech Transforming The Transportation Industry?

Nowadays for pet relocation, you can book the relocation service for your favourite pet sitting at the comfort of your home. All you need to do is go to the website of the dedicated service company, book the trip for your pet, then sit back and relax!


In this article, we will discuss both the conventional  ways of pet transportation, alongside app booking service for pet relocation.

Let’s check out the ease of accessibility of one such citizenshipper platform that provides app facility to contact their transportation services for direct booking:

PAWZ PET TAXI APP is the USA based pet transportation service that is headquartered in New York. This pet relocation service provides the best convenient facilities to the pet owners that are willing to ship their fondles from one place to another with ease and comfort as per customer’s demands.

PAWZ Pet Taxi App is the most reliable, safe and affordable pet-friendly transporter team that also offers growth solutions about pet shipping service business at free of cost. This app is 100% user friendly. To avail your service, just install the app on your phone and book your shipment. You also get the facility from entering their website too.

All the rides are GPS tracked which show the driver’s whereabouts each time. Moreover, they insure your property and fur baby’s security up to more than $1,000,000. There is an in-app fare estimation tool and an in-app communication tool that are helpful to check out the affordability and emergency communication system of the service.

They assure your pet’s safe and comfortable transport as their drivers and pet care associates are professionally licensed, vetted, insured and bonded to raise their service standards to the highest level according to the service quality and customer review.

How pet transportation works?


Before proceeding for the shipment service of your pet you need to obtain some particular paperworks regarding your pet’s health and well-being. You have to submit a proper health check up certificate of  your pet from an accredited and licensed veterinarian before 10days from the travel. Rabies vaccine and all the other essential vaccinations should be done at least 30days before the shipment scheduled along with the original vet prescription.

Besides, you need to gather an Import permit, reservation at quarantine kennels, other yearly vaccinations certificate and other specific documents depending upon the destination place of your shipment. The pet transportation services are happy to help you throughout this long process by providing you the information about both the domestic and international transportation process and ease your difficulties.

Flight Crates: 

Your pet shipment requires a proper sized carrier for your agile pet. It should not be made with plastic with no door on it’s top. It should be leak proof and solid. It must be spacious and comfortable for the pet so that it can stand up without touching its head on the roof and easily move around inside the crate. The crate should be ventilated from three sides for domestic flights and open from four sides for the international shipping. The door of the crates should be secured with the proper spring loaded lock system. and The Starwood Animal Transport service provides all sizes of pet transportation carriers as the customer demands. Customers have the right to refuse the shipment if the carrier is not suitable for their pets.

Shipper Restrictions:

Some airlines do not allow pet shipment as they consider them as an extra luggage of the owner. Besides these airlines or countries only permit the professional pet shippers. In such cases these airlines arrange their special cargo services to ship the pet to their destinations.


These pet relocation companies happily collect your pets wherever you ask from and give the assurance of safe boarding of your pet.

Canceled Flights:

Although it is a very rare occurrence, still in case of flight cancellation the pet transport companies try their level best to reach your pet to the desired destination by the next possible flight. Moreover, they also take the responsibility of notifying you about the inconvenience. 


The AVMA or the American Veterinary Medical Association is strongly against using tranquilizers  to  the pet’s at high altitude as this kind of sedative may harm the pet’s health. So, shipping of sedated pets is strictly prohibited.

How Dubai is progressing in high-tech flight air pet transportation?

Dubai airline Emirates’ freight division has launched a domestic pet transporting service that offers door to door transport service and booking of the return flights.

Besides, Emirates SkyCargo has expanded their services by making a partnership with a Dubai based pet relocation company called Snoopy pets. Both of them have made shipments of more than 11,000 domestic animals in the last two years.


Such companies offer pet shipping to more than 160 destinations including the arrangements of necessary documents and veterinary certificate clearance.

They cover 16 international markets with premium offers that include Bahrain, Cyprus, France, Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Malaysia, South Africa, Singapore, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, the UK and the UAE.

They ensure a comfortable journey of the pets by providing a temperature protected spacious transport van, worldwide special pet handling facilities with 24/7 expert veterinary service. The services also include late cut-off for pet acceptance and track, and trace services with dedicated pet care areas at Dubai international and Dubai World Central.

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