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How To Drag And Drop Files To Your Iphone

You have finally bought the new iPhone model and now you dig for a reputable tool, allowing you to drag and drop private files to a new phone, don’t you? It seems like every iPhone user runs into this issue sooner or later. Nevertheless, when you choose the proven software, you’ll transfer files between two devices in an instant. Below, you can run over the best methods that can handle this problem and pick out the best way, allowing you to exchange data between various Apple devices.

Drag And Drop Files To Your Iphone

1. Consider Using Cloud Service

This piece of advice is for those, who still didn’t hear about this capability. You can store your private data in such cloud services as iCloud, AirDrop or Handoff. The overriding task of these services is to give the storage space to your data. By applying them, you’ll enjoy access to your images, valuable documents, audio or video across all devices you own.

The most popular one is iCloud Drive. This cloud service enables you to keep your docs in one place. It doesn’t matter whether you are at the office or at home and what device you use because you have access to your data at each point in time. AirDrop enables you to share data with other Apple devices. The same is with Handoff.

This is the best method, allowing you to have access to the most valuable documents without being bound to any particular device.

2. Use iMazing – the Best Device Manager for iOS Users 

With iMazing for Mac, you’ll acquire one more simple method to get your personal docs from PC and send them to your iPod, iPhone or iPad. Using a high-quality device manager like iMazing, you’ll forget about all issues related to data transfer. With this software, Apple users can drag and drop any folder from a computer to the smartphone and vice versa.

To start, you have to download the installer from the official site. After that, you should open the application and start using it. To drag and drop a file, you should create the new album in iMazing. You can also manage images in your albums (add or remove them).

The app offers a simple workflow, allowing users to grab files from any PC in a matter of seconds.

The software also provides Apple users with the opportunity to add PDF files or e-books to iBooks. The extracting of these files back to your computer is also simple. Except for these features, iMazing is packed with lots of other device managing options that make it a worthy tool for every user of Apple smartphones, tablets or laptops.

3. iTunes

In this scenario, you need to have the latest iTunes and Mac OS version, follow the recommendation, which is published below, and you’ll find out how to share content between your Apple smartphone and a computer:

• Open iTunes on a computer.

• Establish a connection between a PC and your iPhone, iPad or iPod (use the USB cable).

• Find your smartphone or tablet on iTunes and press the button “File Sharing”.

• Choose the software and check what files can be shared in this application on your smartphone.

• Drag and drop the chosen folders to the Document List. There is one more method, allowing you to copy folders – press the button “Add in the Documents list” (on iTunes), select the files that have to be copied and then press “Add”.

These are the most widely used ways for sharing content between two devices. If you care about the safety of your data (images, music/video, documents), then you should download only trusted software.

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