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Rescan, Best Help For Analyzing Website

Building a good quality website can’t be done with only designing its appearance and using some programming. The good quality website isn’t a website that looks beautiful. But, it has to be a website that can attract more people, please their visitor and provide best visiting experience for their visitor. In order to do this, there are many things you need to do. Analyzing how other website work and what you can use that data is an important thing to do. This is what do.

Rescan, Best Help For Analyzing Website

Rescan provides a website analytics service that can tell you lot of information about technologies that a website are using. This is useful to find out how those technologies worked and being used on that website and use it to improve your website.

Rescan also has different lists or analytics results from many websites, which is differentiated by the technologies or function that they used. For example, Rescan provides web service list that will give you information about the web server and how its position in the market. And, when you choose one of those web servers, you also can see the website that uses that web server service. All information that you can get from every item on the list is very detail. You can find more about those services market share, or if it’s list of websites, you also can see its Alexa rank. You can get this information for free from Rescan website. However, if you want to know more, you can use their offers.

There are three products you can buy here, which are BASIC, PRO and ULTIMATE plan. The price for each package is different, where BASIC is priced at $49, PRO at $89 and ULTIMATE at $169. The other difference is the number of lists you can download. For BASIC, you can only get 1 technology list. On the other hand, you can get 3 technology list from PRO package and 10 technology list from ULTIMATE package.

The list you’ve downloaded will be always updated by Rescan. So, you will always get the accurate information from it. And, once you buy the product, you also can get other feature, such as 1-month access to the list that you’ve downloaded (you need to pay more after that). You also get daily updates, information about the country and email of the websites on the list. The best of all, you don’t need to pay for the subscription service, because Rescan isn’t subscribed service.

Basically, all information you can get from Rescan will be very useful to develop your business and website. If you are doing research related to website and internet security, Rescan is the best service you can use. However, you won’t get any information about the website traffic from those websites. Rescan doesn’t provide traffic analytic tool. You can still use the free analytic tool you can find on Rescan website, though. So, if you are interested to get more information for research purpose or website development, you can just click here and get Rescan service.


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